Nuendo 11 Atmos -Object tracks the meter is disabled?

So weird, any track that goes to a bed, the volume meter works. But if a track is an object, the volume meter is disabled for some reason (or not). Anyone else have this issue? This makes mixing harder, you can’t pick out active tracks quickly in a large mix.

Haven’t installed 11 yet, but in 10 the levels shows in the object channel, so you need to make sure those object channels are visible in your mixer. (But yes, it is weird you don’t get to see levels in the track!)

Hi, you can set the mixer consoles metering to post-fader instead of post-panner. The reason is that the multipanner does not route any signal to the output if it’s in object mode

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Thanks guys.
It does give me metering, but then messes up the RME TotalMix metering which shows level on every Atmos output channel I’m using, though it sounds correct. Odd. BUT this does help, switching meter to post fader. I can easily jump back and forth if needed. Still developing my Atmos workflow.