Nuendo 11 Audio File Import Bug

Hi guys.

I’m currently working on a sound design project in Nuendo 11 and have noticed what appears to be a bug with importing audio files. Here’s what I did:

  1. I bounced out a file (I’ll call it ‘File1’) from a Nuendo project (I’ll call this ‘Project A’) on to the macOS Desktop. I added ‘File1’ to a different Nuendo Project (‘Project B’) by dragging it into 'Project B’s timeline from the macOS Finder. Copy and convert were checked.

  2. I needed to rebounce and replace ‘File1’ in ‘Project B’. So I closed ‘Project B’, reopened ‘Project A’, rebounced ‘File1’ on to the Desktop, closed ‘Project A’, reopened ‘Project B’, and dragged the new bounce of ‘File1’ in to ‘Project B’s’ timeline from the Finder again (with copy and convert checked) . However, Nuendo does not recognise this new bounce as a new/different file and adds the original ‘File1’ from step 1 to the timeline instead. It seems as if the fact that the new bounce has the same name as the original bounce is confusing it and it’s still referencing and playing back the original file.

The only workarounds I’ve found so far are to either manually delete the original Step 1 bounces from the pool before Step 2, or to name the revised bounces from Step 2 something different. Neither of these are ideal as we have hundreds of assets that we are iterating, and we need to keep our naming consistent.

Would someone be able to confirm this is a problem/bug? Both I and my colleague are seeing it. If anyone has any fairly painless workarounds in the meantime I’d love to hear them too.

Not quite sure what you mean in this step - drag in from where? If you re-bounced and replaced, was it not the new file in timeline?

I’m asking because I have definitely experienced Nuendo messing up when files have the same name in the pool. Usually when compiling tracks from CD, where several files are called ‘Audio-01’ or similar (filenames generated by OSX from the audio CD)

I was trying to repro your issue, but wasn’t sure how you did Step 2.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I should have been more specific. We’re using different Nuendo projects in our workflow - a bunch to build assets and then another as an asset master project - so the bounce is coming from a different project and being dragged into the second master project from the macOS Finder.

I’ve edited my original post the make the steps more specific and clear.

So we’ve figured out that Nuendo will tell you that you’re importing a file with the same name if you use the ‘Import Audio File’ command from the ‘File’ menu, asking if you want to use what’s already in the Pool or if it’s a new file. Is there a reason it wouldn’t ask this when dragging this new file directly on to a track from the Finder?