Nuendo 11 crash while opening project. Error Kernelbase.dll

Nuendo 11 crash while opening some project. Error Kernelbase.dll
I use Windows 11.
here’s the dmp file
Nuendo 64bit 2022.1.1 (993.3 KB)

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Looking at the dump file, you are getting exception: 0xE06D7363 which is being thrown when the R2 plugin is being loaded.

PROCESS_NAME:  Nuendo11.exe
ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xe06d7363 - <Unable to get error code text>

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  CPP_EXCEPTION_e06d7363_R2.vst3!Unknown
OS_VERSION:  10.0.22000.1

The error code “0xe06d7363” occurs when a program tries to copy or move a locked file. It may be locked by Windows, your antivirus software or malware scanner, the error code isn’t to specific. Aside from disabling the R2 plugin, here is a good starting point in fixing the underlying issue:

  1. Open a CMD window as an administrator.
  2. Type or paste ‘sfc /scannow’.
  3. Let the process complete and make repairs if needed.

SFC scannow is a great app for finding file corruption but may need multiple passes to fix everything. You may also need to reboot into safe mode and try it from there.

There is a file lock or corruption somewhere and if SFC scannow doesn’t find it, troubleshooting further is a real challenge. Beyond that, you may consider reinstalling the VST/DAW or even a system restore to a last known working configuration.

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wow, it worked, thank you so much … :innocent:

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