Nuendo 11 crash while opening project. Error Kernelbase.dll

Nuendo 11 crash while opening some project. Error Kernelbase.dll
I use Windows 11.
here’s the dmp file
Nuendo 64bit 2022.1.1 (993.3 KB)

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Looking at the dump file, you are getting exception: 0xE06D7363 which is being thrown when the R2 plugin is being loaded.

PROCESS_NAME:  Nuendo11.exe
ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xe06d7363 - <Unable to get error code text>

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  CPP_EXCEPTION_e06d7363_R2.vst3!Unknown
OS_VERSION:  10.0.22000.1

The error code “0xe06d7363” occurs when a program tries to copy or move a locked file. It may be locked by Windows, your antivirus software or malware scanner, the error code isn’t to specific. Aside from disabling the R2 plugin, here is a good starting point in fixing the underlying issue:

  1. Open a CMD window as an administrator.
  2. Type or paste ‘sfc /scannow’.
  3. Let the process complete and make repairs if needed.

SFC scannow is a great app for finding file corruption but may need multiple passes to fix everything. You may also need to reboot into safe mode and try it from there.

There is a file lock or corruption somewhere and if SFC scannow doesn’t find it, troubleshooting further is a real challenge. Beyond that, you may consider reinstalling the VST/DAW or even a system restore to a last known working configuration.

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wow, it worked, thank you so much … :innocent:

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Hi, I fot a Error Kernelbase.dll error on loading a .bak file.

I did a sfc /scannow but it said no error was found.
so I have 3 files and I can access them this way :

  • file01.npr (reading ok)
  • file01.bak (Error Kernelbase.dll)
  • file01.-02.bak (reading ok)
    Any reason why the .npr saved after the .bak does not have the same issue ?
    I’m looking closely at this because I have lots of issues with nuendo these last couple of weeks.
    Also how do you read those .bmp files ? . txt is not the tool correct ? here is my (last) .dmp
    Nuendo 64bit 2022.2.21 (1.9 MB)

How was that solved ? you could access that file later on ? or you didn’t have that error for further projects ?

The dump file above is related to:
A few things to check:

  1. Perform a sfc /scannow (you may have corrupt Kontakt files)
  2. Verify your Midi device actually supports VST3 (polyphonic aftertouch). If it does not, use VST2.4 or a different MIDI device that does support it.
  3. Check/uncheck the preference: Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio is received
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Dam all interesting things.

  1. SFC /scannow
    I just did a clean install of Windows 11… woudl I need to do SFC /scannow ? or is that just for the system. OR can I “SFC /scannow” my F:\ where all my kontakt libraries are located ?
    … I imported my libraries from old SATA drive and copied all content in my M2 4TB new drive.
    Would you suspect something went wrong during this transfer and corrupted files messing up kontakt ?
  2. What Midi device are you refering to ? all my midi controlers ? or my MOTU microlite interface …
  3. Will look at this thx

I forfot to mention… in all the tests I did… I installed reaper and did tests using Kontakt… didn’t have a problem there. So unless it’s Kontakt having a problem with nuendo then pfff… tricky

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