Nuendo 11 every time crashes with Steinberg Retro Plugin

Nuendo 11_2021-03-17-203037_Dmitrys-MacBook-Pro.crash (177.1 KB)

Every time I make some changes or movements in an open project Nuendo crashes and then writes me which plugin was broken by the DAW and this is the Steinberg Retro Plugin

Can you tell us a little bit more what you are doing? Which plug-in are you using at the time of the crash and which movement did you do? Which channel layout is your audio or instrument track (Stereo, Mono, or…)?

Pretty simple project with one copies of Kontakt like instrument track and 10 midi tracks. Approximately 10 - 15 stereo tracks. And few plugins on screenshots.

Thats all. And now, when i open project, after loading, when i move locator the nuendo crashes. But Cubase 11 with latest update works fine.

After I write about cubase, it’s started crashes too…

Are you able to share the project? We cannot reproduce this issue here.

If only to direct messages. It’s commercial project

That would be fine for me. You don’t need to supply any Audio Data just the raw cpr/npr should be enough.

I was send archive with project in direct massages, thank you!

The issue is resolved

Many thanks to Arne_Scheffler for that!


I just got N11 and was trying to open a 2 year old project created in C9.5Pro and I’m getting the very same error. I’m not a composer, I’m a sound designer. Any chance this is fixable?


Hi @ThSampaio,
this will be fixed with an update later this year. Until then you have to lower your ASIO buffer size.

Thank you @Arne_Scheffler

But what is causing this? which plugin, maybe I can remove it…

It’s either Chopper, Metalizer, Ringmodulator or Tranceformer.

Well, I just removed Ringmodulator from all tracks and it still crashes immediately after I increase the buffer size.

I reseted all mix console channels and it stopped crashing. Have no idea which plugin was acting up but it could be Reverence, Roomworks, MSED, etc… is there a way to “print” a list of all the plugins used in this session?

You can open the VST Plugin Manager window and sort the table on the instance column. I don’t think you can export this as text.

Well, I removed all Ringmodulators from a test session and it still crashed, so… any ideas???

(Don’t mind the Rindmodulators … I forgot to take a screenshot after removing them…)

Ok, it was Chopper… removed it from the insert list, upped the buffer and it didn’t crash.

Now the question is: why is this happening?