Nuendo 11 - Meters

In Nuendo 11, When working with Atmos, there are no meters available for either tracks or their objects. The only available is in the VST panner, Which has no key command capabilities to open the window.

I believe what happens is that the renderer is getting its signal from the last send in the source track and in order for everything to work correctly the signal is broken before the signal leaves that track through the normal path which I guess ends with where the track meter gets its signal.

So the solution seems to be switching to pre-panner metering. Then you get the signal to show up. Of course if you do that your signal is pre-panner so if you don’t like that then it won’t help you much…

Thanks, yes. Same with the meters in the upper EDL. We need to be able to have metering easily seen. Preferably in the tracks. If they could only be in the objects, then I would request a singular function to place all selected tracks directly beside their corresponding object. That way each is pair side by side for better visibility. Actually, that would be great to have anyway.
All the best

I don’t understand. What do you mean by that?

In the mixer, for example, all of the tracks, groups, fx etc. are on the left. On the right, all of the object faders appear. If we know, for example that the Kick Drum track is assigned to object 12, then it would be great to have the audio track and the object track side by side. It would save a tremendous amount of time scrolling back and forth. A Re-Order to pair Track/Object command. Additionally, an option to do the same for all selected tracks.
If the meters can return to, at least, the object faders as is in N10.3, then it would be very helpful to have them side by side. And would save time doing it manually for multiple dozens of tracks every song.
Does that help clarify?

I guess I should have been more specific: I don’t understand what an “object fader” is. Are you just saying that you have a regular track somewhere (to the right?) and you’ve made it into an object in Atmos? In other words “object fader” isn’t something specific and new to Nuendo once Atmos was introduced?

Because if it is I don’t know what it is and must have missed it.

The Red faders. In Nuendo 10, they were the only source of meters. Now no meters per channel there either. If I could see these object faders side by side with their Track Source, that would be very helpful.
Best case though, it to have actually working meters on every track clearly visible and exact, whether bed or object. I am actually astounded that two generations of Nunedo don’t have any way to meter levels on all tracks (beds, object, groups, FX…).

You need to change the metering to pre-panner IIRC.
Then you should have metering. But the meters will not reflect your panning position.
It’s not perfect but at least a way to get metering.
I really think metering on Atmos object tracks should change to pre panner automatically.

Note: the red coloured faders are not “object faders” but output buses. It gets easier to understand what you mean when you use the correct words to describe things (however that isn’t always easy to do, just explaining why your previous post was hard to understand).