Nuendo 11 not recognizing UR-824 any longer

I have a really weird issue. Nuendo 11 was working fine with my UR-824 audio device. I then opened the old version of Nuendo (V10). Which was also working fine. Closed it. I then re-opended Nuendo 11, now audio device in Studio Setup just shows onboard device but fails to recognize the UR824. It works perfectly in Windows 10, in Wavelab and in Nuendo 10, but fails to be recognized in Nuendo 11.

Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

1.) Restarted Nuendo 11 (multiple times)
2.) Turned UR-825 on / off (multiple times).
3.) Restarted my PC (multiple times)
4.) Reset Ports in Nuendo (multiple times)
5.) Re-installed Nuendo 11

No matter what I do, the UR-824 USB audio driver just does not show up. Again, it works in all other apps, including Nuendo 10.

My OS is Windows 10.
DAW is Cubase 11 Version 11.0.40 Build 446

Any ideas?