Nuendo 11 plugins crash on opening projects


Nuendo 11 randomly seems to “break the project files” so that it fails to load projects and crashes. The same project with the same plugins have been opening and closing fine before. Just now I had a project with rx7 plugins and UAD plugins that broke one of the rx7 plugins and one of the uad plugins (therest of the RX plugins and UAD plugins works. The only fix seems to be to open without plugins, remove the culprits and then restart (or go back to a older version af the same project and reconstruct)

Nuendo 11 on Mac running catalina…

What to do?

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Same issue here.

I think RX7 is the culprit though.

I have other projects in ableton that use RX7.
They will crash, but most annoying is the history file becomes flooded with minor steps from RX7 reporting every. single. dynamic change it makes… So the history and for the most part, the Undo function - is useless.
I’ve been very careful about which projects i open that plug-in.
UAD does not crash on my machine.
Mac/Catalina/Nuendo 10.

Was the project originally created in N11?

I just had this happen with Amplitube 4.
The project would almost open - then crash.
Thought I had it fixed by using the VST 2 versions of Amplitube rather than VST 3 - but, nope.
Had to boot Nuendo with only Native plugs - remove instances of A4 - save the project - reboot Nuendo with all plugs - reopen the project and load A4. Oddly, if I loaded A4 after opening the project it worked, but it would not reopen.
I ended up rendering the tracks with just the A4 and then removing so I could finish the project.
One major thing is A4 does not do this to all projects. Some are fine.


Good to know. Am using Amplitube 4 right now, seems fine. Amplitube 5 seems a little less stable.

Mac OSX 10.15.7, Nuendo whatever the latest it is (cannot remember the version LOL). Latest Amplitube as well, 4.10

What is your system?