Nuendo 11 to Nuendo 13 update via grace period not working [SOLVED]


I purchased an update from Nuendo 11 to Nuendo 12 on 2022-11-05.

I never used the Download Access Code I received until this evening 2023-11-15 to update my Nuendo 11 license to Nuendo 12, however I thought I would be eligible to a free update to Nuendo 13 (grace period) which was released today.

I followed the instructions on this page ( but it only updated me to Nuendo 12.

I then found out I can do a grace period check using the Steinberg Activation Manager app, this however shows no licenses found.

Can someone please investigate this.


Andrew Branch.

The grace period check in the Activation Manager only considers eLicenser-based applications. Since you already updated to Nuendo 12 which no longer requires the dongle, the check should be performed automatically. You’ll find the grace period update in the Vouchers section of your MySteinberg account. Maybe it takes some time to appear due to the amount of recently activated licenses.

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I suspect the issue is that nobody at Steinberg has activated the grace period for Nuendo 13 on Steinberg Licensing yet.

Keep trying the Grace Period Check… function in Steinberg Licensing every so often - eventually you should get an update to Nuendo 13.

Hi Martin,

This is exactly what happened, it just appeared in the vouchers section of my account and allowed me to update to Nuendo 13.

Thanks for the information.


Hi Andrew,

great to hear that it was just a matter of time and you’ve finally got the activation code.


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:slight_smile: ell, I’ve got a similar problem, just bought the update, but it ignored my Nuendo 12 license and updated my Nuendo 11 to another Nuendo 12 license. Awesome…:slight_smile:

And it says Verification pending, no Nuendo 13 voucher in my account. Can anyone help, pretty please.

Hi lumcas,

I also had the verification pending issue and I followed these instructions ( however I was upgrading a Nuendo 11 license from the eLicenser to the new Steinberg license whereas you are already on the new license system.

Basically, I closed all the running/open Steinberg apps and relaunched them.

I hope it works for you.