Nuendo 11 upgrade not giving me Steinberg Licensing

I have Nuendo 11. Just did the upgrade to nuendo 12. Bought it a few months ago. Upgraded through the elicenser. with the 32 digit code I got the the steinberg web site where I put the 25 digit code. It turned green and did the bar to 100% for 30 seconds like normal when you upgrade. Then said upgraded to Nuendo 12. I check my account and there is no 12 license (which should have grace period updated to 13). But my N 11 license now says “upgraded to Nuendo with Steinberg Licensing.” Not really sure what to do now. Will contact Steinberg chat when they open tomorrow but do not have too much time to do this then if it take longer than 30 minutes or so. Any ideas? Updated the elicenser, tried it in the download assistant (but it will not take the code anymore as it has been used and the N 11 license is now upgraded according to Download assistant) .

What do you see in the “new(ish)” Steinberg Activation Manager?

This is what is shown in the steinberg licenses.

Have you launched the Steinberg Activation Manager application?

Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

If you have the Steinberg Download Assistant installed, you should also have this.

Same thing there. Nothing.

Strange. Have you tried the “Grace Period Check” in the Activation Manager?

The only other thing I can think of is that, perhaps, you have multiple accounts? It seems like the update went through properly.

There is nothing there at all. I ran the check that took a few minutes. Here is the webpage showing the license was upgraded today. It is just bizarre.

This is what really has me confused. It certainly seems as if you should have at least a Nuendo 12 license to be available in the Activation Manager. And from what I can tell, a grace period update to 13.

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas at this point.

Are you absolutely sure you are signed into the Activation Manager with the same credentials as your MySteinberg account?

One more thing (before I go to bed) ,

You did have your USB-eLicencer plugged in when you did the grace period check?

Good night. God bless. And … good luck!

These types of cases seem to be “official support” related, at times. If so, I wish you the best.

I just realized that you were only showing the eLicenser based products from your MySteinberg account. What about … ?

For real this time! :laughing:

Yeah, nothing in that menu either. Gonna have to so Steinberg chat in the morning. Thank for you help though.

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