Nuendo 11: Video Clip doesn't move when using crossfade editor or moving crossfade of grouped audio

Hi Steinberg Forums!

I just got Nuendo and might make one or two annoying posts in the coming weeks :smiley:
Here is one issue I found:
I have two takes of the same performance (Video with multiple camera angles already edited together) and I want to cut them together.
Alongside there are two audio files, grouped to the videos.
Now I make an edit where I want to switch to the other take and make a crossfade.

If I use the Crossfade Editor and slip the bottom clip, the video doesn’t move, even though it is grouped to the audio clip.
Also, if I move the crossfade to fine tune the edit point, the edge of the videoclip doesn’t move with the crossfade.
I am aware that this is an edge case, but maybe an easy fix?

Here’s a gif of the videoclip edge not moving:

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Hi Joshua
I think what you ask for is a video editing feature. Nuendo is audio only…Yes you can do some video cuts in Nuendo but very basic. You need a Video Editing software to do what you want.

Hey Oswald,

yes, it is somewhat true. But I would argue that the edit I’m making is actually more audio centric than video centric, because I need exact timing. Which software could do this better? Video Editors don’t have crossfade editors… :frowning:

Try with a folder track

You could try DaVinci Resolve. It has some sort of crossfade editor in Edit Mode. Not sure how it would work in Fairlight Mode (which is Resolves Audio Tool).


I found an ok workaraound:

  • Line up the two takes approximately
  • make a crossfade and open the fade editor
  • instead of sliding the audio inside of the fade editor, use slip with ALT+Shift+Drag on the Clip itself. The Video will move with it. The Fade editor is still a big visual help, the cursor is just not inside it.
  • The problem with the Videoclip edge not moving with the crossfade is then not that big of a deal

It would still be nice, if the fade editor would move the grouped video and also play the video when auditioning fades.

I tried, it had the same behavior

Resolve has a fade editor, but only to change the curve. I want to use Nuendos Editor to change the timing. Nuendos Fade editor doesn’t interact with Video tracks at all, even when they are grouped to audio…

Hi @joshxtra , The only software that is both audio editing and video editing oriented (that I know of) is MAGIX Vegas Pro, it lets you do crossfades, drag them around (while holding Ctrl+Alt+Mouse Drag), work with multicam etc.