Nuendo 11 Video Export is still limited to Project sample rate of 44.1/48 KHz!

Hello. I’m a game sound designer working for Rovio Entertainment. In my work in the gaming industry, it’s very useful to show and tell my work-in-progress content quite often to other team members. Video Export is a God-sent for this… or rather would be with an update.

What I don’t understand is: Why is the Video export function of Nuendo still limited to work only with a Project with a sample rate of either 44.1 or 48 KHz? How is that possible? Why can’t the video export resample its audio before the actual video encoding happens (just like you can select the actual sample rate of the exported audio files in Audio Mixdown, regardless of what your Project sample rate is)?

I’m always working in 96 KHz, so to do a video export in Nuendo, I basically have to have a separate 48 KHz Project for just video exporting. That’s very, very impractical and slows me down a lot.

Please Steinberg, can you guys make the Video Export function to work without being so clumsily limited to the Project sample rate?

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Curious… do your video need to be in 24 bits 96kHz? For a video game? Or is it just to show it off to team members?

Dear noeqplease, you misunderstand me. Let me elaborate:

The video exports for a show-and-tell purpose don’t not need to be 96 KHz 24 bits in their audio tracks. Absolutely not. But the projects I do my sound design and editing on do have to be in 96 KHz because of several reasons - doing recordings and pitch shift processings in high quality are among the biggest ones.

Video show and tell demos of a sound design timeline do just fine with being 48 KHz AAC or even lower. The point is: The video export function shouldn’t be limited to work only if the project sample rate is 48 KHz or lower. The video export should be able to render the timeline mixdown from whatever sample rate the Project is and then perform a resampling pass for the video encoding process! Just like the Audio Mixdown function can resample the output files to whatever sample rate the user wants, but the other way around!

I hope this clarifies my point.


Hi @Toivo_Kallio , I feel your problem as someone who work on various projects and deals with video all the time.
I’m sure you know that h264 in mp4 container can never officially include anything above 48 kHz / 16-bit but of course that’s not the issue rather than the ability to ‘down grade’ the audio as you create the video, and there’s another issue, Nuendo exports video only as h264 at 30 Mb/s which is far from ideal for sharing and things like that.
For those reasons and more I was ‘forced’ to find something that will get the job done instead of waiting for someone to do it for me.
Because I couldn’t find a single working solution, I developed my own.
Maybe you’ll find it useful in your own workflow as many others in the past three years.
If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, I’m more than happy to hear.
Check it out:

ER Media ToolKit.

Hey @Sagi, I’m familiar with ER Media Toolkit and I use that to transcode all my DAW video files from the raw captures to DNxHD. I don’t understand how that toolkit helps me to export DAW timelines into videos though. Can you elaborate what you mean by “getting the job done”? How does a standalone video toolkit help in this situation any more than Handbrake for example?

Hi @Toivo_Kallio , this is nothing like Handbrake or other general conversion tools.
I developed the ‘ER Media ToolKit’ specifically for pros like you and me to expedite workflows like creating small h264 videos to share with team colleagues, replace audio in any video (with or without re-coding), add surround sound audio exports into videos, and much more.
Hare’s a short video that shows you just a little bit of the benefits of using MediaER Pro from within Nuendo or Cubase and how it can help you increase productivity with ease.
Make sure to watch it full screen so you don’t miss anything.
By the way, in the next version that I’m about to release, you can even replace the audio as 96/24 if you check “Don’t re-encode audio if possible” (in the settings window).


Ah, you’re using the Post Process function in the Export window. :grin: That’s pretty clever @Sagi ! I’ll give this method a shot soon.

Still, I really wish Steinberg would develop their Video Export further.

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Yes I am :wink:
If you install ER Media ToolKit on Windows the installer automatically do that for you, but on macOS I can’t do it as part of the ER Media ToolKIt install process, so in my website’s Downloads page I provide the files (only two of them) and simple instructions where to place them on your macOS system.
Check out the Download page Extra free Downloads for Mac Users:

Have fun :wink:

You and me both :grinning:

I just couldn’t sit and wait so I worked hard to make it happen until they do it and now I’m pretty confident that even when they do, it will never be as fast and as feature-rich as what I developed.

Hey @Sagi , after giving some thought to this thread:

I’m not sure if I’m personally okay with you pretty openly using the Steinberg forum to practically present and advertise your own commercial product. By principle I’m against that.

Also, there’s one thing that the ER method can’t do and what Nuendo’s current video export does manage: Export the video as it is on the project timeline. I often trim my video files and cut them to pieces on my game SFX design timelines. Your method limits the video exports to the lengths of the original video files. For me that’s a problem.

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way.
As I said before, I developed these tools for myself and gave them for FREE for more than three years but it cost me a fortune to keep them up-to-date and include new features that users like you ask of me.
That is why I had to shift into a different model that allows me to keep helping professionals without having to pay thousands of dollars every year for development and development tools while giving it free.
I merely offer a solution to a set of missing features that no one else cares for them, and I looked everywhere.
I understand you don’t appreciate it and that’s totally understandable, I won’t bother you again and I respect your wish.

Not exactly true, there’s a workaround for that too and it’s quite easy, but as I promised above, I’ll offer my help only if you wish me to, I’m not trying to force myself on anyone.
Just let me know if you want me to show you how to do that in just a few extra clicks until Steinberg adds the necessary support.

All the best,

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Hey @Sagi , no worries, I’m a bit of a strict man when it comes to web forums and products. It’s tricky ground. :grin:

Now that I know that you’re behind the great ER toolkit (I do feel your software does its job really well and quick), I can reach you through the email mentioned on the product pages, right? I’d be happy to continue our discussion there.

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@Toivo_Kallio , you can reach me via the Contact Us page on the product page, you can PM me here on the forum, on the YouTube channel, on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
Just pick your preferred platform and I’m there and always happy to help and improve :smiley: