Nuendo 11 video lag


I have strange problem with Nuendo 11 mov and mp4 video files. They freezes and lags all the time. Look´s like 10 frame/min. All other programs running smoothly.

WIN 10
Nuendo 11 (newest)
Geforce 1050ti (3x 27" screens)

try convert the video to apple prores. I also had problem with lag while using H.264 codec

Both Mov and mp4 are not video formats, those are media Containers.
Media containers can include all kind of videos, so by saying Mov or mp4 you actually didn’t say anything.
Use ProRes Proxy or DNxHD36 inside a Mov container for smooth playback or h264 Intra inside mp4 container for a bit less smooth playback but smaller in file size in case that’s important to you more.

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I had lags in video playback in full screen mode regardless to what codec video had - mp4, prores or dnxhd, then I noticed that video in window (not full screen) plays back much more smoothly. And after that I found one more thing: when clicking on full screen video by right mouse button and the sign “exit fullscreen mode”(dont click on it) appears, video in fullscreen immediately starts to playback more smoothly as well. All this is regarding to “onscreen video device” mode. With Decklink cards it’s not so easy. I just can’t get rid of sudden lags in video playback with any codec. I don’t know where I should write to be heard with this annoying problem. Definitely something keeps being wrong with video engine since 8 version of Nuendo.

Hi problem is kind a solved. I convert MP4 to Prores and its runs smootly.

Thanks for everyone!


Hi @McSound , I know what you are talking about. I never work with onboard video playback but I heard about the full screen issue, I can only suggest that you don’t use it in full screen but rather resize the window to cover The entire screen without full-sizing it.
I do use BMD dedicated monitoring device/card and I can tell you that every time I get a stuttering playback (about 1:10 runs) I just hit the space bar twice and it works fine, not really a solution but works, by the way, this problem was inherited from the old video engine and have been with us more than ten years so I (sadly) got used to it.

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