Nuendo 12.0.30 Maintenance Update

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new maintenance update for Nuendo 12, version 12.0.30.

This update not only includes over 30 fixes in different areas of the application but it also introduces a few feature improvements to the ADR/Markers window, the Leq(m) module in SuperVision and factory presets to the FX Modulators. It also improves stability and performance throughout the application.

For a detailed list of improvements and issue resolutions, please visit the Nuendo 12 Release Notes | Steinberg.

The Nuendo 12.0.30 update can be downloaded from the Downlaod page or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

All the best,


still crashing on Mojave unless you remove the anymix, mine is working now …and replaced the anymix with N11 version :slight_smile: good luck

Thanks @Luis_Dongo, @TimothyWhalenMusic and all the Steinberg Team for the Updates and the Nuendo 12 Release Notes.

Thank you. A pleasant surprise.

Great to see, thanks to the Steinberg team!

Great. I haven’t broken down after using it all afternoon. I can finally work at ease

Hmmm, thanks for the shoutout, but I certainly had nothing to do with this :slight_smile:

12.0.30 still crashes on ambisonics projects, N11 is working perfectly. Guys, with big fame you introduced N12 and I paid for it as a maybe one of the first customers and result is my big disappointment.

Thanks for the update :grin::+1:

Sorry for my mistake @TimothyWhalenMusic. Well? i take the liberty however to give you my best regards :wink:

After updade no more factory loop and sample libraries.

Now my projects that crashed on close inconsistently crash on open and no control room or external fx settings are saved.

Have you updated Windows?

Yes. Still testing but the issue seems to be related to Vienna Ensemble Pro channels on a slave pc.

After upgrading to macOS Big Sur there is no more problem with Anymix

yes, but i am staying on MOJAVE :slight_smile: