Nuendo 12.0.40 Unstable, hangs, or just quit

Tried to upload a dumpfile here but it is too big…

It seems to be risky to create ins or outs or create new buses in the AUDIO CONNECTIONS/Studio…
And yesterday I had outboard gear connected to Nuendo, Wanted to calculate tempo…which got Nuendo to…shut down…When restarted my saved groups with the outboardgear was gone,deleted…

Still got problem with IZOTOPE but I guess that is something that Izotope have to solve.


Share the dmp file(s) via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Here is a link to my crash dump file…


Sorry, for some reason, I have to log in to the Google account to be able to download the files. Please, make the link public.

Hi sorry… try now!

Unfortunately there’s no way within Nuendo to save the “external FX” routing. (Why, Steinberg, why??!!)
As a work around, I get mine set up then close Nuendo, then locate the “external FX” .xml file in user/roaming/blahblah… and copy it to a safe place. Then when nuendo crashes or I want that routing back, I just replace the external fx .xml file in the Nuendo folder with the one I copied earlier and the routing is restored.

Wow! Ok Thanks , now I know that at least. But is there any one that can interpret my crash dump file? Martin.jirsak?
Nuendo12.DMP - Google Drive 5

Wow, Thank you Graveley, like Mikael Nuendo crashing on close always deleted my outboard connections, a total pain!