Nuendo 12.0.60

Dear forum users,

Nuendo 12.0.60, a comprehensive maintenance update, is available for download here:

This update incorporates more than 30 fixes in areas such as ADR, Stability, Export
and plug-ins. Please have a look at the version history for more details, which can
also be found on the 12.0.60 download page.



Thanks Steinberg team! Its really great to have these fixes. Installation had no issues for me and it does seem snappier.

Windows 11 latest, previously N12.0.52, updated via Download Assistant

Thanks. A minor anoyance that is still there: The “News” start screen ist not updated in a timely fashion. It still refers to the maintenance update 12.05.52 (and it took a while to get even this version listed). And when I click on the link I’m being being send to Nuendo 11 Release Notes | Steinberg.