Nuendo 12 activation/deactivation

Dear users, I have a problem activating nuendo 12. I activated it on 3 computers, but one of them is completely out of use. my question is how to transfer the license from that computer to the new one I want to use. grateful in advance, Zorke

From: New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Do I need to take any special precautions when updating my operating system?

Provided you are updating your operating system in place, without reformatting your computer or installing a new hard disk, etc., then your software should remain activated after the OS update. However, it is not impossible for an OS update to make sufficiently large changes to your computer that it may be interpreted as a new computer, and in that case your Steinberg software will no longer be activated. In the event that your computer is identified as a new computer, depending on whether you have already activated your software on the maximum number of allowed computers, you may have to contact Steinberg support to deactivate the license on the “old” computer.

thanks buddy, my old computer is completely destroyed and i don’t have access to the system disk. now it’s a new computer. please help how to deactivate the license from a computer that is not working. thanks in advance

Unfortunately the only way is to contact tech support.

thanks a lot, if anyone else has any idea, please let me know

Contact support is the route to go in this case.

of course not, I’ll do it

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