Nuendo 12, ADR Features here we go again!

This request - list comes already from Nuendo 8…!

I have been told that a lot of it would make it into the new version 12… none of it came!

I think it´s a shame, as all other ADR takers have this features, so I’m not asking something not being used or obsolete.
Ok, the second video window would be a special, but all the other features are standard in Eurotaker, ADR Master and others.

1.) Show Takenumber.
Visibility of actual Takenumber for the Cutter and the voice-talent in the video- window
So far the only workaround is to copy takenumbers into another row of the CSV and import them as dialogue… :unamused:
2.) Second Video window or the ability to route the picture to another driver, without Blackmask and counter.
The Director does need to look at the scene without any mask or counter in the vid-window.
Only workaround here is to implement another vid-player and link it to Nuendo. Takes time when switching from episode to episode.
3.) Loop record
The ability to record in loop mode until the take is done. No possibility so far to do so with ADR mode active. No workaround here!
4.) Record light ( red (record), yellow (rehearse) and green (relisten)
There is no way so far to indicate the mode active in the ADR tool except in the Video - Window. This indication is far to small and not useful, nor is it visible outside the recording room.
5.) Transparancy of the Blackmask
Would be awesome to just reduce the visibility of the movie in pre- and post-roll.
6.) Possibility of active second marker track for notes.
Sometimes it is necessary to mark up spots and put some information for cut or mix into the session. The ADR markers can not be used for that.
7.) Second Diaogue - start-point in Take:
Every other ADR-System has a 2nd In-point for scenes. TC-In-marker 2.


I find it very strange that you can’t actually loop record in the ADR system. I mean ADR = looping. Does anybody know the logic for not allowing this ?

The only reason ( my guess…) is that the people programming didn’t really know about the process in the studio regarding adr/dubbing. Many basic features are not offered so far.
Still, I love the adr tool, it’s the fastest and most reliable one, once you set the studio up right and did some workarounds for missing features. ( all other adr tools ( eg. FEG, Eurotaker…) have included…)
The loop feature I did not find a workaround so far…

yes - I think they asked a very specific subset of users what they wanted (@Fredo ) :slight_smile: - maybe those who do more dubbing than actual looping ?

I just ignore the ADR function and cycle record without it, although I can’t understand why this basic and fundamental part of ADR is missing.

I know you and many, many others have been asking for improvements and fixes for years and years (over a decade ?) for the ADR system- seems Steinberg’s attention is elsewhere despite it being “The New Home of Dialogue”

I’m only dubbing with script and takes. I’d love to be able to loop often. My workaround is to hit record immediately again. :joy:
Actually I have been told that the ADR Taker would become a big overhaul in 12… so far the only thing is that one’s able to switch black screen separate in the beginning or the end of take. Not even to show a Take - number on screen has been implemented, which to my knowledge wouldn’t have been lots of programming…
Since nowadays a lot of new dubbing studios are built in Berlin i was often asked if they gonna improve the taker. A lot of headquarters would have made the jump from Pro Tools and Eurotaker to Steinberg. But not with at least the possibility of having more than one start points within a take and take number visible on screen.

they added the remote ADR API - which struck me as a bit niche and seemed like a lot of work for little reward. (IMO!). It would have been great to tick off some of the low hanging fruit…but alas, no.

problem with that is that the timing of the start point changes on every loop…so your not really looping (consistently) in the traditional sense…unless your timing is better than mine :slight_smile:

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I had requested a loop function way back when the first version of the ADR tool was released.


I got myself a Keyspan and the remote function did work since Version 7. :wink:
I did not understand what they did. new there, the Keycommands already existed: Next take, rehearse, replay, set take-begin/end, go to take-nr. x…
I don’t know any function the ADR tool has which was not represented in the Command-list. :man_shrugging:t2:

Of course, that’s why I had that lol - thing there.

they added a network API to connect to EdiCue

plus one or two other minor tweaks, which is great - but I’d rather they fixed/improved some of the basic features as you have asked for …many, many times.

As I mentioned - I think they asked a few very specific users what they wanted and I’m sure it’s working great for them. :wink: