Nuendo 12 and Atmos... Need help

Good morning friends,
I need your help to understand some anomalies found on the distributed Atmos file.
I am a Windows user and have been working in the Nuendo environment for 10 years now (how time flies…).
A few days ago I completed a project in Atmos with Nuendo’s internal renderer. Listening to the project, all the audio is consistent with the choices but distributing the result via Believe distribution to Apple music, the audio result is catastrophic: the levels are not consistent and I can tell that what I created is not what was distributed; while the stereo file (output from the renderer obtained with mixdown) is consistent with what I worked with.

My question is: how do I test the adm broadcast wav file before distribution (on Windows I get errors when I start the file, even VLC gives errors)? Is the external Atmos suite necessary? (I hope not)

I forgot: I listened to the distributed mix via my iPad on Apple music.

Thanks for your help. Maybe if I can test the audio first I can also correct the errors.


Just out of curiosity - you delivered an ADM file I guess, so did you try importing it into a clean project and checking that the file was good?


Also out of curiosity, how are you monitoring your mix in the first place?

Do you have a full Atmos setup? Are you using a binaural downmix etc.

It may help to get answers if we know more info.


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Sorry guys, it was my fault.
During the mixing session, the mixdown section of the renderer was set to 7.1.4.
I work with headphones and have to set that section as binaural. By using the right settings I was able to notice the mix errors (which were consistent with the errors heard on Apple Music)

I thank you for your interest and apologise if I created a post for a simple setting error.


This was exactly why I asked this:

Glad you got it sorted though.

Have you seen Immerse Virtual Studio (plugin)? Great for monitoring Atmos in headphones.

Video here in case you were unaware. It was originally a live stream so a bit long.

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