Nuendo 12 and Cubase Pro 12

Hey guys, I’m working as sound designer and music composer for mobile video games. Is anyone using Nuendo and Cubase at the same time? Issue with using only Nuendo is that I cannot have 2 projects active at the same time and sometimes I have to go back and forth a lot in order to check if music will fit in with all the sound effects and jingles in game. And having a lot of kontakt libraries and instruments, activating projects takes time. As Nuendo = Cubase + more options, shouldnt we have access to Cubase Pro 12 if we bought Nuendo 12? Why do I need to buy separate license for the “same product”? Can we at least get discount for Cubase?

You don’t need to use Cubase if you already have Nuendo.

Nuendo is Cubase on steroids. Has all the extra things for film post production.

You dont get me, I know all of that. But imagine having 1 project opened with 900 tracks (sfx for game) and I have to switch to another project that has 50 instruments. Closing one and opening another takes 5-10 minutes. Having both Nuendo and Cubase open would solve my problem. In reaper that was solved much better because you can open as many projects as you want and you dont have to activate them in order to use them.

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Im testing Cubase 12 Pro with trial and it works to run Nuendo and Cubase simultaneously . Weird thing is sliding inside clip is different shortcut. Nuendo is SHIFT + ALT, but Cubase is CTRL + ALT. Even manual says Cubase is Shift + ALT but it is not lol. Weird

The key command to change position, start and end of events are changed in V12 for both. If you have installed old versions and then updated them, the newer version copied the old preference.


Ah yes. I am not sure which DAWs allow having more than one session open at once. I know Logic Pro did (I recently updated, but was on LP9 for years and it allowed it). In Logic Pro the only wait time was unloading / reloading things into RAM between sessions. Which for you might not be that much less time, since you have so many instruments loaded.

Reaper can open as many as needed sessions at the same time. One of many reasons why it is king of sound design for video games. Steinberg needs to step it up.
Btw does anyone know if we as Nuendo owners get discout to buy Cubase?

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Sounds like you should get VE Pro instead, and load all your instruments etc in there, and then connect Nuendo to it instead of loading all your instruments internally. I also work with game music and keep several projects open at the same time in Nuendo. I constantly switch between them by clicking the “activate” button. Since all are connected to the same VE Pro template the projects just connect to it instead of having to re-load all the instruments every time I activate them. Works quick and smooth for me.

If you were to run Cubase and Nuendo simultanously you would probably run into ASIO driver issues, since some audio interfaces don’t allow more than one app at a time to use the ASIO driver.


Thats interesting idea.
I’ve bought Cubase license as well since I tested with trial and it works as I wanted.
I just wonder how Reaper does it so easy with much smaller development team.