Nuendo 12 Atmos Mastering Techniques

Hey Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had any mastering techniques they use when working in Nuendo 12 and with the Dolby Atmos Renderer.

There is a technique/workaround that can be used in pro tools by using summing / key input tracks, linking plugins, and side-chaining the key track compressors into 128 object output tracks before they hit the renderer.

I’m noticing that this is not possible in Nuendo, considering the side-chains use send slots, and there are only 8 available.

I was wondering how everyone has been working with mastering before the final output to the renderer when doing sound design. I love Nuendo / Cubase and am new to Atmos, so thanks in advance for any advice!

Create a group that will be your side chain, send your sources to that group through an aux. Then use that group as the source for your side-chain on all the busses that you need dynamics on.

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The most obvious solution: HoRNet SAMP virtual master bus for Dolby Atmos - HoRNet Plugins … it’s quite CPU-hungry, but it works.