Nuendo 12 Coming soon after Cubase 12?

Rumour has it, Nuendo 12 will prepare your coffee before starting the session and a glass of whiskey at the end of the session when you hit export. :coffee: :upside_down_face: :tumbler_glass:


If I can get my hands on that code, it will be a bottle.



Exciting stuff. Thanks for letting us know we will have an announcement soon.

Like others I even thought of getting another license for Cubase 12, since it contains most of the features which brought me to Nuendo in the first place, and it would be nice to already start using the new MIDI API until we get Nuendo 12.

Hope its soon. Working with a drummer today who def needs Multitrack Audio Warp for sure :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Just read over the new Cubase 12 features. Great stuff (… for me especially).

Midi Remote Integration, FX Modulator, Audio2Chords → Great stuff

Hopefully the waiting time for N12 will not be too long.

If also the Atmos Renderer will be beefed up a bit (e.g. Binaural Rendering and Export etc) , that would be super.

LG, Juergi

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Sounds great!

… as long as you guys didn’t forget to finally fix the old bugs and flaws we’ve been politely pointing out for years (all the way back to v6, or even longer), we’ll be happy to jump into these new features. :sunglasses:


Nuendo 11 has worked so well in my studio. I can’t wait to get some of the new features of Cubase 12 but I hope it is stable right out of the gate. I usually don’t like to upgrade right away but new features can be a lot of fun to mess with. I also have a Cubase license. Maybe I will upgrade that first and see how it works out. Either way… Nuendo is great.

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I’ve been enjoying N11 but have had somewhat frequent crashes, whereas v10 continues to be rock-solid. Cubase 12 looks nice, but unfortunately it only supports 2 versions of Mac OS (Big Sur and Monterey). If Nuendo 12 follow suit with supporting only 2 Mac OS versions, it indeed will be a feature “never seen before in any DAW.” :upside_down_face:

+1 please make something about expression map.

I saw on another post it’s on their Roadmap, but I don’t expect that to go in to Nuendo 12, as I expect Expression Maps being as much a Cubase feature.

Thanks for this detail Timo. I will not be buying the Dolby Atmos production stuff any longer,will wait for Nuendo 12. Thankfully am just doing learning to mix Atmos, so no need for me to have the full feature set yet. But hopefully this year we get it.

Cubase 12 have 2 video track = Nuendo 11
and Dolby atmos is coming soon = Nuendo 11
and some other goodies and features … can’t wait to see what’s in N12
i am hoping they would put some Project Template and decent demo track to study

For my part, I would be happy if you could also name the audio clips for an export subfolder. Maybe: “\abc\01 - abc” So that the clips go into sorted subfolders. The dialog for naming the clips should also be improved.

But what would help us would be a NEW function that can automatically separate titles in a recorded program - even if there are no breaks between the titles.
And a NEW function that * automatically * restores the frequencies in bad tape recordings. For example 500 hours of recorded lecture halls.

It is pretty safe to assume they will be exactly the same. Nuendo is basically Cubase + all the extra features, so different system requirements don’t make much sense. I’m still on Mojave too, so not very happy about that, however I’m pretty sure we will finally be forced to move with the times, too.

things that I think we may see them take some love in the new version or at least I hope
1- ADR system
2- Atmos
3- Direct offline processor ( I don’t think we’ll see anything here but I hope )


So can I upgrade Nuendo 11 to Cubase 12 then Cubase 12 to Nuendo 12?

If you have the money, sure.

I hope that the problem of Chinese title audio directly offline processing crash can be solved, because there is such a bug, my Nuendo still stays at 11.0.20.

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like all the Eucon issues…

Also I hope they can fix the small issue that Chinese characters are displayed in Japanese typeface on Windows. This fix may result in different font utilization under different language settings.