Nuendo 12 Coming soon after Cubase 12?

Hi Steinberg,

Is there any word if Nuendo 12 will indeed follow shortly after Cubase 12 is released like Nuendo 11 did? I hope the wait isn’t too long.

Thank you and I look forward to what is new in Nuendo 12!


I think it will be on a Wednesday. :grinning:

I wonder what the grace period will be for users who recently got Nuendo 11 ?

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From what I understand, Cubase 12 will come first and then Nuendo 12 but I just hope it won’t be too long of a wait.

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That info is in the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Find the Grace Period paragraph.

I just bought version 11 and have not activated yet since I assumed version 12 will be arriving soon. Can’t check online if I’m granted grace period as I haven’t registered my copy yet.

Things might’ve changed but the lead time between Cubase and Nuendo used to be…a lot. I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush. You usually want to wait until at least the first maintenance release of a new version anyway. I usually wait until the 2nd or 3rd.

IIRC, Cubase 11 release to Nuendo 11 release was about four weeks. Things might be different this time, depending on whether the Cubase 12 release throws up problems with Steinberg Licensing that Steinberg want to fix before Nuendo 12 is released.

Once C12 gets Atmos support, will there be any point sticking with Nuendo for producing Atmos for music?

(I bought Nuendo specifically to be able to produce surround beyond 5.1, most notably Atmos.)

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Hi all,

there will be an announcement soon on the availability of NUENDO 12.
We’re still in the beta phase. It will be the most comprehensive update in
the Nuendo history. Not only the many improvements first introduced with Cubase
(of which many are very valuable for Nuendo as well), but revolutionary new
features NEVER seen before in ANY DAW. :wink:

Stay tuned!


Yes. The Atmos implementation in Cubase will be minor compared to Nuendo.
Only with Nuendo you will be able to access the full Atmos feature set. A comparison between the 2 implementations will be available upon launch of Nuendo 12.


Uh oh… careful now…


Excited about Nuendo 12. :slight_smile:
Hoping for a lot of useful and interesting 3D audio features.

I also hope with the transition to the new licensing system down the road there also be an option to access the equivalent Cubase versions or to have at least a “sidegrade” option to Cubase available. :wink:

Thanks. Sounds good. Hoping the Mac requirements aren’t as tight as Cubase 12, though. (Specifically, that Nuendo 12 will run on Mac OS Mojave.)

C12 requires a MacOS released barely 2 years ago??

Yeah you know, some excitement :wink:


Haha. Love it! Almost sounds like a half-time Super Bowl new car commercial.

Patiently awaiting Nuendo 12!

Thanks for all of yours and Steinberg’s hard work.


Preparing to be excited.
The new MIDI Remote API in Cubase is excellent news, if Nuendo adds some killer features for post / film… :metal:t2:

Any idea what the grace period will be?

I love to hear new features never in a DAW before. That sounds exciting but I can’t help express my disappointment that Cubase 12 doesn’t have any improvement at all for Expression Maps. I was hoping Cubase 12 would have it and then we would get it in Nuendo 12 but that will not be the case :(.

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That sounds great, Timo. Will any of Nuendo 12’s new features be useful for composers/producers or are all of those additions in Cubase 12 and these will be post production related/mixing?