Nuendo 12 Creating Markers from Selected Events

In N12, the creating markers from selected events seems to be limited to a single track. Meaning if you have multiple layers (almost always for SFX) that you want to be included in a single Cycle Marker, this will not work. Below demonstrates selecting multiple events using “Locators to Selection” and then trying to achieve the same with Creating Markers from Selected Events.

Additionally, it does not appear possible to create a compound Name for the Description, i.e. Free Text + Separator (i.e. underscore) + Counter . Once selecting Description once, it becomes greyed out and more complex names cannot be created for the Marker.

I should add, this feature is really great (a huge time saver) and I hope Steinberg can add the above functionality to iron out the final bits.

I havn’t decided whether upgrade or not. The logic editor works better for me on this feather. It will just create 1 cycle marker no matter how many layers were selected.

+1 for this!
It would be a huge time saver, if you could only add one cycle marker to SFX with several layers in different tracks (or to folder “events”!?)