Nuendo 12 doesn't like Dante

Using Rednet PCieR Focusrite with Lynx Aurora (n) 32channel. Something changed with the Nuendo 12 update. Previously Dante was much faster than the generic ASIO driver. But now the generic driver is about the same CPU usage as before but the Dante driver with the PCIeR card is slower than the generic driver in terms of the usage meters and dropouts. Even the VIA version is about the same efficiency as the PCIeR version.

All drivers are up to date and I am using the latest Nuendo version. Does anyone have the same results? The crazy part is that N11 is more tolerant of Dante but it still is slower than before. (but faster than N12) I know some apps resist Dante for instance the standalone version of Native Instruments will not start is Dante is the interface but it was running ok as individual plugins in Nuendo. Maybe it wasn’t tested for Dante compatibility?

What does Audinate have to say about that? Seems a driver might not be 100% with your system.

Deets on your system? Mac, PC? Did anything change in the operating system? Any settings different inside Dante Controller? Buffer settings larger?

Dante is working great for me, though i’m using an RME Digiface Dante. it’s been nothing but rock solid since day 1.

Nuendo 12 on Windows 11 Pro here.

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Since posting I have done a lot of trial and error experiments. With N12 on a new empty project with an empty audio track and an empty instrument track, the peak jumps up and down with 25% being the center point. Now with N11 doing the same experiment it runs about 1/2 of that reading.
On both N12 and N11 adding just one effect plugin in the audio track doubles the peak reading.
N12 will not tolerate a full project with a dozen tracks and a few plugins. Peak keeps going to redline and stopping audio. N11 will run that same project with snaps and crackles and occasional audio dropout but randomly will stop audio for a few seconds.
Now with the generic Asio driver (non Dante) there are no peaks or dropouts. I can run larger projects within limits as I would expect to have with the generic Asio driver.
I have the most recent Dante driver for the Aurora (n) Lynx. Also the most recent Dante Control app
The buffer size make no difference for Dante settings. I have ran it up to max .5msec without any change to dropouts. (normally it is set to minimum without problems- .15 msec)
I have sent a trouble ticket to Lynx support to see if they can help. I was hoping someone would be using the Lynx Aurora (n) and could share results.
This is a PCAudioLabs custom computer with i9 processor and tweaks performed by them along with the Windows10 Pro installed and Nuendo also installed by them. No problems with N10 and before just the last 2 versions have been progressively worse. Now unusable.

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I found this, hope it helps:

Running N12 Dante to Avid MTRX no issues.

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