Nuendo 12 frequent crashes in Windows 10

Windows 10 Enterprise

Noticeably when I switch focus of windows from Wwise <–> Nuendo <–> Unreal

Nuendo doesn’t throw any errors or anything it just completely freezes up with no ability to select the any of the windows again. CTRL-ALT-DELETE application menu doesn’t show any Not Responding message or anything

I have a work copy and a home copy. At home I’m mostly working on music production and haven’t noticed this crash.

At work I’m doing game audio and have encountered these crashes about once or twice every 30 min. I’ve also had to restart my machine several times today because Nuendo wouldn’t load (said the license wasn’t valid) or wouldn’t load a big list of assets/plugins due to licenses not being valid.

It also seems like crashes are the result of switching back and forth from Chrome to Nuendo as well.

@vehemintMojito , I will be using a similar work flow if I upgrade/cross-grade to Nuendo. I use Wwise and Unity on a project I am helping to designing sounds for. The flow between my DAW and Wwise seems really attractive. Still feeling things out for the cross-grade. I’m loving the new Cubase 12 Pro.


I have just installed Nuendo 12 on a virgin install of Win 10 21H2. No 3rd party plugins yet, I am just setting up the control room with multiple 7.1.4 inputs and outputs and it keeps locking up and I have to use task manager to get out and restart, I am using the SSL madixtreme 128 as IO but thought maybe that is the issue so I am now using an RME Madiface/dante but getting the same issues with that. so far I have only installed nuendo with none of the other packs that come with it, extremely modest install, switching focus in and out of Nuendo and switching between nuendo windows will cause it, somewhat frustrating.
It is a pretty modest machine, I plan to install it on my main PC when I am confident it will do what I want it to, this machine is a gigabyte board, Intel Core i7-4770S @3.1Ghz, 16gb ram, Samsung SATA SSD boot drive, on board graphics, the machine feels very snappy and responsive, no errors just Nuendo freezing.
Any Ideas

Sorry I’m not able to solve your main problem, but if you encounter the license issue take a look in Task Manager and shut down this process:

At least this way you won’t have to restart every time Nuendo crashes. (I’ve had a fair few freezes of my own, but seemingly unrelated)

I’ve got a lot of crash in all sorts of scenarios. I though it was plugin related but it’s not. Even blank session are crashing the engine. Loading sessions/closing/adplugins/removeplugins/switch project/audiomixdown… they all make N12 crash. Doing the same things in N11 and it’s super stable No crash what so ever… So it’s just unusable right now. Tried so many stuff for 2 hours this morning. Nothing helped. So I’ll wait for a N12 update cause it’s useless now…

Win10 All updated, NO crash with N11, Tones of crashes with N12

There is definitely an issue going on with Wwise and Nuendo 12. I hopped in here when I got several freezes when doing simple drag and drop from my computer sound bank to Nuendo 12. I saw that you mentioned in your post that Wwise might be causing the problem. Needless to say that I had a Wwise project open on my computer and when I closed it I was able to drag and drop audio again.

I am getting alot off these crashes too. it’s very stressful. I’ve lost some work. it’s very frustrating