Nuendo 12 loses connection with Avid control app opening media bay

Using 3xAvid S1s plus dock

I can open and close media bay from the dock (ipad)without issue, but renaming or deleting a file breaks the connection. The ony way to get communication back again is to ‘reset’ Eucon in Studio setup. This would suggest a prob with the Steinberg Eucon adapter rather than Avid control app. Anyone able to confirm same issue?

Windows 10 pro
Nuendo 12.0.30

I cannot reproduce here, what do you do exactly?

What I did:
Open Media Bay via Eucon
Rename (audio-) file with mouse right-click → rename
still everything fine.
Did you use other\more Eucon commands?

Nuendo 12.0.30
Eucontrol 2022.4.0.78
Samsung Tablet
2*Avid Artist mix

I do experience some commands not to work after I configure new ones, have to restart Eucon after that, but thats another story ( as still is the Eucon implementation in general…)

Hope it helpes somehow,

Hi Dirx
Thanks for letting me know.
It’s strange that it doesn’t happen your end. I’m doing exactly the same. Open media bay from tablet attached to ‘Dock’, right click a file and rename. This immediately breaks the connection with the tablet and I have to refresh eucon from Nuendo to get it working again.

I’m using iPads rather than Android tabs, so maybe this has an influence. I’m on windows 10, Nuendo 12.03.0, Eucon 2022…4.0.78 also. The other difference is S1s vs Artist, akthough that shouldn’t affect eucon operation.