Nuendo 12 Mega Sale - 50% off on Retail and Updates

Dear Nuendo friends,

Steinberg today announces the Nuendo 12 Mega Sale, the biggest Nuendo rebate in 22 years product history. Due to the difficult economic situation in many countrys and regions of the world, we have decided to lower the price by 50%, from 999 Euro/Dollar to about 499 Euro/Dollar, until November 7, 2022. A good chance to update your Nuendo to version 12 or add another seat to your facility.

We’ve also been asking some of our closest industry partners if they’d onboard this action!
Register Nuendo until November 7, 2022, and receive an exclusive 30%-off discount on the entire product portfolio ofNuGenAudio, Krotos, SoundsInSync, Cargo Cult, Sound Particles and FabFilter. Have a look at your MySteinberg account>Vouchers section. The vouchers can be redeemed at the partner’s online shop until December 31, 2022.

Please note: Cubase crossgrades are not part of this Sale.

Have a look at:

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What about a crossgrade from Cubase 12? Will I get the vouchers as well then?

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I haven’t looked in to all the vendors but something to note about FabFilter is those guys almost always only do a 25% sale, so 30% off is actually better than you get during Black Friday from them.

For some companies (coughWavescough) their stuff is often or always on “sale” more than 30% so it isn’t useful or impressive. For Fabfilter this legit looks like one of the best price reductions you see.

We would love to crossgrade to Nuendo! Please reconsider discounting Cubase Pro crossgrades during this sale.


Nuendo is now cheaper than Cubase? I’m really surprised at this move. But hey, if it helps supporting Steinberg and the Nuendo user base, I don’t cry too long regarding the fact that I’ve once spent €1.499,00 for this. Plus inflation and all updates since 2001, this translates into 5000€. Woaw. Good job, good old dongle.

There will be a special crossgrade offer for Cubase users in a few months!


No, it’s generally not. It’s just during these 3 1/2 weeks. And it once was even more expensive than 1499.
So where the updates. 10 years ago updates started at 299 Euro, for Nuendo 12 we offered
the update from 11 for about 160 Euros in the first 4 weeks. No complaints :wink:

So I have to wait a few more months to upgrade from Cubase? Why is this split into two phases? Currently I would have to pay 449 euros for the crossgrade, which is only 50 euros less than an additional new Nuendo license.

Crossgrade=gain Nuendo, lose Cubase.

Buy Nuendo brand new now= get to keep CB.

For me, buying n12 new now = 6 activations for my synchronized daw farm (3cb12, 3n12)

That makes the current sale highly more valuable to me than a crossgrade.

So I bought it :slight_smile:

Thanks Steinberg!

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Thanks & you’re welcome!
To be more precise:
You’re not losing Cubase. You still have your full Cubase license after
crossgrading to Nuendo. This was changed with the launch of
Nuendo 12 and the new licensing system.


when did that start ? That was never possible previously.

The new licensing made that possible

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not working here - if I deactivate my C12 licence and leave my N12 licence activated it gives an activation error when I start C12.

w10 - latest version of the activation manager etc

@TimoWildenhain how does this work ?

ahh - I see Timo has quietly edited his earlier reply (that I quoted) this morning after I pinged him - instead of admitting the mistake or answering the question.

so still not possible

I have edited it with a remark to be more precise, because I accidently mixed up
the license situation. Sorry for that.

The initial question is still answered: you won’t loose the ability
of running Cubase as the upgrade to Nuendo won’t eat your Cubase
license like in the eLicenser era.
“gain Nuendo = lose Cubase” was the initial remark.

So, that isn’t going to happen anymore. You can use Nuendo and Cubase,
with the respective 2 licenses. That allows for even more flexibility.

thanks - just to confirm

you CANNOT run cubase with a nuendo licence

It has been requested for many, many years - and I’m still unsure of the logic behind not allowing.

I suspect the answer is more nuanced than that - if you upgrade to Nuendo you will still be able to run Cubase 12 but when Cubase 13 comes along (or 12.5) and you upgrade to Nuendo 13 (or 12.5) then you will be stuck with Cubase 12 ? you lose the ability to run the ‘later’ versions.

basically you don’t lose the existing licence

I think clarification would be useful.

No. Both applications run independently. You can update Nuendo independently from Cubase and vice versa. There is no connection between the two. The process of deleting the Cubase license when upgrading to Nuendo has been removed, that’s all.

We had a long internal evaluation on the ability of “Nuendo license running Cubase”, but
there’re too many dependencies and potential issues if one license is connected with other
major products and it dozen’s of retail, OEM, education, update, crossgrade and upgrade paths. As of now, too much room for license issues. Keeping it separate is way easier to handle from a technical point of
view, especially since we’ve just introduced the new licensing system.

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Hey Timo, just to be certain: even crossgrades from Cubase 12 to Nuendo 12 allow us to continue upgrading both apps - forever?

If so, that is huge news!

Yes, you can update them independently.

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