Nuendo 12 on 2nd computer won't authorize

I was able to install N12 today (upgrade from 11) on one PC. I then went to install on a 2nd PC, plugged in the dongle, used download manager, it got all the files. When I went to run it needed to be “authorized”. I entered the same email and password I used for previous install. However it says no license found and won’t authorize or run on the second computer. Multiple attempts (trying different passwords) and now I’m locked out of the Steinberg ID account.

Can I reset the Nuendo ID account (assuming that is what I use) password? Or do I need to do something different? Should my dongle be plugged in when authorizing on the 2nd PC? I would like to get it the studio PC running as now I’m shut down until I can get the 2nd PC authorized.

You shouldn’t need the dongle, ever again for Nundeo 12 and forward, if you have activated the product on a single machine.

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You need to open the new Steinberg Activation Manager on the second PC and actually Activate the Nuendo 12 license on that PC.
No need for the dongle or trying to redo the upgrade process.

OK thanks. Got the second PC to finally connect and authorize the install. I had to download everything again. I wish once I downloaded with download manager that I could copy the folder to the other PC, maybe that’s where the problem was. I had the 2nd PC download everything again and it installed.