Nuendo 12 on Windows 11 with Nuage

Hey folks,

Is anyone running Nuendo 12 on Windows 11 Pro with a Nuage? I installed Nuendo 12 on our Windows 10 Pro machine with Nuage to test with no apparent issues, but since I would like to upgrade the OS to Windows 11 I thought I would reach out to the community for feedback before I did.

Thanks, in advance!

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I’m not using Nuage, but just migrated a busy to studio from Win 10 to Win 11. We’re using N12. All seems to be going well, and Nuage should have little trouble… it’s mostly interacting with Nuendo and not much complexity between it and the OS.

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Hi there Bigcat. I’m running Nuage on Win10, however my system won’t allow going to Win11. That said, as a general rule it’s not a good idea to update operating systems if you don’t need to. If you must, then I don’t foresee any issues. Win10 and 11 are almost the same. There maybe some background stuff that might interfere, but I doubt it. What I’d do in your situation is get another drive, clone your existing drive, then update one of them to Win11. At best you have a redundancy drive and at worst, a backup of your sessions.