Nuendo 12 shows 192Channels from RME HDSPe FX at 96kHz

I’ll describe my current setup first:
Mac Studio M2 Max
Sonnet Echo III
DAD AX24 (8Pres + 4DA + MADI + AES)

Sonoma 14.4.1
FW: v220
Driver: v1.34

Nuendo 12.0.70

If I run my cetup at higher fs (>88.2kHz) the channel count in my Nuendo Studiosetup stays at 192 channels MADI IO

I need to use BNC MADI3 on the RME (at fs=44.1k/48k channel 129-192) to connect the DAD. In DADman I can configure the AD insert channels so it shows up at for example MADI 1-8 (In Totalmix MADI In 129-136)

At fs= 88.1k/96k the Same Channels now fold down to Totalmix MADI In 65-72
In Nuendo I see the Hardware samplerate and the changes, but I still get indicated the full channel count of 192 MADI channels and the signal that is indicated in Totalmix does not show up in Nuendo at all.

What I checked:
DADman setup with different AD and DA MADI channels
Clocking: WC in both directions from DAD to RME, via MADI, AES and external Clock

Playback Is not an issue, here I can use Totalmix to do the routing and in this setup I only have one output for test tones.
The signal goes through from Nuendo to RME, is free of Clicks and Errors.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something?
If I’m missing any Information for troubleshooting, just give me a hint :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and greets from Austria.