Nuendo 12 slow down on projects with many audio parts

Hi Everyone,
The topic problem happen on my main computer (stationary i7-7700, 32GB ram, NVidia GTX1060 6GB, SSD nvme) but not happen on my laptop (ASUS i5-7200U, 8GB ram, NVidia 940MX).
When I try move start or end point of audio part a have wait 1-2 seconds.
I tried change settings, remove user settings folder (older version too), remove graphics card (for working on main processor). Nothing helped.
The project contains only one movie and 3 audio tracks but many parts.
Can anyone help me?

And Cubase 12 has the same problem.

Try removing the video and see if your problem persists. There’s a good chance it’s a video problem.

Cubendo bogging down after a big accumulation of clips/edits/parts has been an issue as long as it has been around! I have no idea nor (thankfully) no suggestions on how to fix it, but I wish the day would come when a project with many edits (I’m mainly referring to audiobooks here, which can have hundreds and even thousands per chapter, and projects can be very large) do not get sluggish, nor long to save.

Or even if hidden track versions with many edits could be taken out of the “loop,” so to speak. THAT would be great.

The way I deal with the issue is by bouncing a heavily edited track to disk and removing the edited parts from the pool, after saving a version with the edited track “as is.” Not optimal. In fact, a fairly substantial PITA. But we do what we have to do!



Thanks, but unfortunately removing video doesn’t change anything.

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Additionally I checked it with Cubase 12 on my very poor laptop (rather like a typewriter - Lenovo 100s - Pentium N3710, 4GB ram) and it works fine too. But not on my main studio computer. How? Why?

The only other thing I can think of is try switching to a different audio driver, if you have one, and see if it changes.

Tried. Nothing changed.

We have projects with 1000 GB Audio and thousands of edits, DOP and parts. At some point the whole thing becomes very sluggish. There is hardly any difference between a strong or weak computer.
The only solution is to keep backing up the projects, where Nuendo minimizes the files and makes the DOP permanent. As long as you don’t have to change anything here.
But for the fact that the projects are so large, they are still very stable.

You inspired me!
As a result I have found the source of that problem! :grinning:
So, it comes from VST Connect PRO plugin on input channel. See attached screen. Removing this plugin remove the problem.
That’s why all was good on my poor laptops!

I close this topic. But Steinberg Team has something important to do.


Well, I do have the same problem. Longform recording/editing, and man Nuendo slows down like…I’m lost for words, its that bad.

I did test with Nuendo 10, Nuendo 11, and Nuendo 12. Same Result. Then I built a new workstation ( Ryzen 5950x, 128gb ram, M.2 Ssd’s, Nvidia 3060 graphics…)

You would think such a project would fly on such a powerful new machine. But, noooooo. Same result.

Now, it seems from reading this forum that this problem exists for a couple of years. So I wonder,
considering Nuendo is marketed as a professional product, how this performance issue has not been resolved till now.

Steinberg, please solve this issue. It’s seriously bad.