Nuendo 12 Suggestions

The opposite is likely way worse

+1 here. Nice!

routing folders like in Pro Tools!
and of course, please finally fix all remaining EuCon issues so this topic can be closed after years!


Chinese files offline prosessed faild bug fixing!!please!!!Hey!Please!!

Coming from the Logic and Pro Tools world,I am hoping folder to be follow in the mix window.

routing is so easy and powerful in Nuendo. I guess that might make it a little faster.

not only faster, it also makes the whole session tidy and neatly arranged!

Proper bus support for Atmos production. Should be a priority given Apple Music’s spatial audio release (spatial audio currently uses Dolby Atmos Music). See bug report and discussion:

See: Correct bus support for Dolby Atmos projects - #2 by jpgtr

Already reported this feature request in the Cubase subforum, but it is very important for post work in Nuendo as well…

Please let the panning of sends follow the main panner, when editing automation by hand.
Here is a small video of the problem:

And please create a subfolder for BAK files!

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