EUCON Update!

Hello Puma0382,

Please disregard my post. I apologize that my wording was not what I intended. My mistakes were that I was incorporating several discussions at the same time, and posting in the wrong forum, and at the wrong time, for those incomplete comments. I meant no disrespect to anyone or any company. I have deleted that post from this thread.

My sincere goal is to help Steinberg thrive in the professional world. I have been a very longtime user and advocate for their software. There is a tremendous amount of software available for creative folks. And given all of those choices, I am still choosing to use Nuendo, more than 20 years now.

Again, My apologies.

Oh, ok - understood, and no problem at all… and as such, am deleting that question/response of mine now. All the best, Bob

Thanks Bob,
I hope you are well and good and continually creative. All the best!

Just saw this announcement on KVR - maybe there is some good news for folk here…
Avid updates EUCON with Custom Plugin Mapping and Meter Creation for Avid Control Surfaces (

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“funny” side note: using my ancient FaderPort Classic for navigation instead of my Avid S1 is much faster and effective, because Nuendos mixer and project window both follow the nudging and banking commands from the FaderPort.

So I find myself using the FaderPort and the S1 parallel :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: FaderPort for navigation and transport, S1 for mixing, pan, EQ, dynamics…

thank god I didn’t throw away this old controller years ago…

remaining EuCon issues

  1. Nuendo doesn’t follow scrolling in the Avid control app / nudging or banking on the Avid controller
  2. selecting tracks via touching the faders causes the fader position jumping to -0.06dB (using an Avid S1) - fader calibration in general!
  3. if you open a plugin via the Avid controller, it opens in Nuendo, but when you close it on the Avid controller (e.g. using the “back” button on the S1) it is not closing in Nuendo and remains on the screen - allthough the “Close windows on workstation when exiting” option in EuControl is checked.
    4. // sometimes, there is some confusing parameter mapping on the Avid controller when opening plugins. Often you have to browse lots “blank” pages to get to important / basic parameters! So mapping in general should be more straight forward // with Eucon 2021.6 you are able to make custom layouts for plugins, EQs, … so this point is more or less obsolete now…
  4. the 4 soft keys on the bottom left of the S1 don’t work initially / have no function
  5. tbc…

@Puma0382 thanks for this hint, this works perfectly and is a huge improvement for controlling plugins via the controller!

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Hi chedb,

Here on my Macbook Pro 2019, Mac OsX Big Sur 11.6, Eucontrol version 2021.6.1.7, EUCON version, Nuendo 11.0.41, Avid Artist Control surface.

Banking and Nudging channels works fine. The Nuendo project window jumps to the correct selected channel, when you bank, there is a small indicator color (blue grey) between the track number and the track name and button strip on the right, and it correctly follows the Avid Control banking and nudging buttons, and the window scrolls or jumps according to where you bank or nudge it to.


@noeqplease Thanks for the information!
I’m also running the latest Eucontrol version but Nuendo 11.0.20…
I also see the small indicator in Nuendo and it correctly follows the Avid Control banking and nudging buttons, but the Nundo project window and mixer are not following / jumping / scrolling… Only when I select a track (in Nuendo, or on the S1 / the App) project window, mixer and / or S1 are jumping to the correct position.
I don’t think this is related to the maintenance update 11.0.41, because nothing Eucon related was mentioned in the release notes. Do you have any suggestion whre the problem is located?

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Not sure. Here is a screenshot of my Studio Setup / Remote devices/ Eucon settings. I am not yet familiar enough with Nuendo to help further… Also, my Eucon application “General” tab.

Hi @noeqplease,
so now I also updated to Nuendo 11.0.41, but it still doesn’t work for me.

I think we maybe talk about two different things?!

unfortunately this is not happening on my system.

What I want is, that the shown tracks on the controller are in synch with the shown tracks in Nuendo (project window, mixer). At the moment when I nudge / bank on the controller, Nuendo isn’t following (scrolling) and stays with the actual selected track as long as I select another track on the controller, then Nuendo jumps to this track…
So navigating through a project by nudging or banking on the controller is impossible imho

ProTools does what I want, the actual selected track remains selected, but when nudging or banking on the Avid S1 controller, ProTools stays “synch” in view and is scrolling to show the same tracks on screen as shown on the controller.

Sorry that it is not working for you. I am using an Avid Artist Control, used to be made by Euphonix. Are you on Mac or PC? I am on Mac.

That would be the difference…

You also mention this:

So I find myself using the FaderPort and the S1 parallel :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: FaderPort for navigation and transport, S1 for mixing, pan, EQ, dynamics…

Maybe using two controllers at the same time is causing issues? Are you using EuCon for the S1 and ??? for the Faderport? Have you tried only using one or the other?

You have not posted your app / software versions, what OS you are using, nor any details on your system. So maybe that is the next step, hopefully someone else on here is using something similar enough to help further. Cheers.

@noeqplease thanks for your reply.
I’m on PC, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, Windows 10 Enterprise v 1909, Eucontrol version 2021.6.1.7, Eucon version, Nuendo 11.0.41, Avid S1

Unfortunately, using FadePort and the S1 in parallel doesn’t make any difference. FaderPort runs via Midi.

Nuendo regocnizes the nudge and bank commands via the small indicator, but doesn’t react to it…

@noeqplease also tried it on a Macbook with the old MC Mix…
unfortunately also unlucky. As you can see, Nuendo recognizes the commands by moving the indicator but doesn’t follow nudging or banking by scrolling - same like on my PC system with the S1. It only jumps to the selected track (see end of the video).

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That’s not an S1. That is an Artist Mix. 1st gen. I had one, but upgraded to newer ones, with black instead of silver, since I bought a Control and another fader bank which were black.

Hard to troubleshoot when things are different each time.

Is it’s firmware up to date?

This is just old / backup gear (but all up to date) and I just tried it because you are on Mac too and using an Artist Mix. In the Studio I’m working on PC with an Avid S1. But as I said it neither works on PC with the S1 (and the MC Mix) nor on Mac with the MC Mix (and S1).

But in the end it should not make any difference… Nuendo, Firmware and EuCon / EuControl versions are all the latest. So I’m curious why it works on your system.

Hi chednb,

I am not using an Artist Mix, but an Artist CONTROL. With the latest firmware. I’ll post details later with the video.

In fact, your Nuendo on the PC is version 10. See screenshot below. Not at all the same as what I have here. Perhaps that is an issue. Steinberg updated Eucon protocol in version 11. Regardless, I’ll post a video and again my exact settings, hardware, etc. for you. If you still have problems, it will be because in fact you are indeed using a different version of Nuendo. That is most likely the problem.


sorry, this was just a misspelling! Just corrected the old posts.

As I wrote, everything is up-to-date, Nuendo 11.0.41, EuControl, Firmware, etc. …
thanks, I’m really looking forward to your video.

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LOL well it does not do it now for the video.

I think I might have been using another DAW at the time. I apologize for being doggedly insistent that it worked on my system.

It only jumps to the track when a track is selected. I did try to change all sorts of settings on the EuCon settings, and on the Nuendo preferences.

It would be nice to have this feature, where the edit window and mix window scroll along with a controller, without having to select a track.

Sorry. As you were.

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Good news,
things are changing for the better!
Since the last EuControl update from Avid, plugins are now being closed in Nuendo too when closing them via the controller! So there are literally two “big” issues left, to use Avid controllers and Steinberg software in a professional way

  1. Nuendo doesn’t follow scrolling in the Avid control app / nudging or banking on the Avid controller
  2. selecting tracks via touching the faders causes the fader position jumping to -0.06dB (using an Avid S1) - fader calibration in general!

We are getting closer!
@TimoWildenhain @Matthias_Quellmann can we expect fixes for these remaining issues in the near future (next maintenance update or Nuendo 12)? That would be awesome, thanks in advance!