Nuendo 12 Supervision location/install


I can’t seem to find the supervision plugin in my nuendo 12 anywhere, any tips on where to find it?

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It’s an Effect plug-in in the “Analyzer” category.

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Ok, cool so how do I get it to show up in that category? :slight_smile: I have nothing in the analyzer category atm!
Thank you for your reply!

Go to Studio → VST Plug-In Manager and make sure that SuperVision is part of your current plug-in collection, if you made a custom one.

Or switch to the Default collection when adding an Insert Effect:

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Thank you kindly!
I don’t seem to have anything but my third party izotope insight plugin there.
You’re viewing the default.

So it’s not installed?

Is it not in the VST Effects tab of the VST Plug-In Manager? Scroll down the list.

Is your Nuendo 12 up to date?

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It seems to be there, yet grayed out. so that’s weird, it was hidden by default! managed to get it enabled.

I’m up to date :slight_smile: 12.0.4

Thank you so much!