Nuendo 13.0.20 Maintenance Update

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new maintenance update for Nuendo 13, version 13.0.20.

This update includes several important fixes in different areas of the application, as well as a few improvements.

For a detailed list of issue resolutions, please visit the Nuendo 13 Release Notes | Steinberg.

The Nuendo 13.0.20 update can be downloaded from the Download page or via the Steinberg Download Assistant. .

Please note that the Download Assistant has to be updated to the latest version before downloading the Nuendo installers.

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hey Steinberg,

I would love to know who I can talk to on your team to get features to work properly or have you create them to make this the new #1 used program in the world.
for starters I want to know why “LANES” are only able to be used for MIDI and loop recording? Why can’t I use the lanes to stack audio in general that I want on that track. for example I’m using RX to clean up dialogue. I don’t send and return because there is a known error since Nuendo 10/RX 8. I export the audio and then import the audio I just made in RX. now I have a few versions of that same audio and I want to import them all into lanes on that track. I know this and you already know this but it doesn’t work. the min I drag another audio clip onto lets say lane 2 or 3 it deletes lane one and replaces the actual track with what I just brought in. This is a major flaw. Pro Tools doesn’t do that. I can put as many lanes in Pro Tools, Logic Pro and many others that I want and they let me drag any audio I want into those. If there is a feature for this (maybe it is called something else, but I have been able to find it) let me and the rest of us that pay your salary so you can take care of your family and buy expensive homes and cars, know. this is something I need working today and forever!!

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Hi @koedfilms, I hope i understood your use case correctly. Can you check if the “Preferences->Editing->Delete Overlaps” is enabled? If yes, please try disabling it, it’ll then keep the audio material on existing lanes when you drag something else on the tracks/lanes.


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Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong thread. But with this maintenance update, the VST3 “icon” in the plug-in search menus seems to have disappeared?! It used to be like three parallel dashes/lines to the right of the plug-in name, to distinguish between the VST2 and VST3 version (unless my understanding of this has been wrong all along?)

Now for most plugins, I have two identical names showing up in the search and no way to tell which is VST2 and which is VST3.

Any advice would be appreciated!

That’s a known bug in 13.0.20, which has been acknowledged by a developer in the Cubase forum.

How does one go around reporting bugs in Nuendo, only via the forum? Features which were working in 12 seem to be broken in 13.

MPE is broken in 13 (working in 12 and Cubase):

There are a lot of other bugs popping up in 13 while working…handles disappearing, automation points disappearing etc.

Is there a proper channel to get the devs to notice this?

Thanks David!

How do you tell the difference between the Native Spark versions and the dsp versions. It all seems a bit of a mess. Why can’t the gui show vst 2, 3 or Spark?

I’m assuming you’re referring to UAD plugins? Spark plugins are UADx whilst the DSP versions are just UAD.

VST2 vs VST3 indicators were there as three parallel dashes earlier, it’s just vanished in this version .0.20. But it’s been documented so assuming another hotfix will come soon.

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I should have made it clear I was talking about UAD. It is very annoying that so mary things get in the way of creativity that it’s worth reminding ourselves that this technology enables our creativity.

Perhaps your creativity needs a different inspiration? I find technology can be inspirational, but not to rely on it too much.

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I am not sure that I said that technology was an inspiration. I simply meant that it is good for putting our musical ideas into a musical context. The ideas have to be your starting point. At least that is how I interact with Cubase.

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In silicon mode no VST2s will load so you can check that way. Also the UAD control panel will tell you which plugins are running (DSP only). The spark and DSP are in different menus so you should know when you choose them. Anyway, that GUI is a matter for Universal Audio not Nuendo. I would petition them to put and indicator.

Personally I would stop installing VST2 versions at all now that the DSP versions are all available for VST3.

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