Nuendo 13.0.30 maintenance update - now available

Dear forum-members,

I’ m happy to announce the availability of Nuendo 13.0.30, a new, free maintenance update for Nuendo 13. You’ll find many fixes and improvements across the entire application, most noteable the removement of the 2GB file size limitation.

The new update can either be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant or via the Support pages:

Here you can find the release notes:

Have fun!



Just updated and… external controllers still can’t select several tracks using shift or control modifiers… oh my God. A know issue of a FUNDAMENTAL function to improve our work and is not fixed? It worked from the beginning up to N12!
What are you doing Steinberg?

Hi Steinberg,
Detect silence blank events stopping function still not fixed. :frowning:

I appreciate Steinberg working on the font issue. I like the “not as heavy” font option. Except why did the font have to be made duller and not as bright? If it was simply smaller it would be perfect. This is a case (in my humble opinion) of overthinking the fix. Just make the font smaller, not darker.

I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ve read the description. I thank SB for attacking the font problem and creating an option. I see (below) that there will always be malcontents, but it seems a good step has been honorably taken. My demo period is over, but I’ll probably (finally) open my wallet.

Update: I’ve just bought N13 and I’m personally very pleased with the graphical adjustments made. I can finally benefit from the new features without being subjected to harsh lighting. So, thanks for SB’s attentiveness and speed.

Note: the option of normal or bold font for track names is fantastic. Please consider extending it to event names and anything else related to the Mixconsole. If at all possible!


When I enable the new “regular font” in track display Nuendo crashes shortly afterwards. Same for Cubase 13.0.30

Agreed. I’m very happy with the less bold fonts and less contrast-y look.

Kudos to the Steinberg devs.



Thank you!!! I can finally use Nuendo 13 and Cubase 13…

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Thank you so much for the updates! Looking great now!

Win or OSX?

Got some visual glitches while crossfading (Windows)

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I definitely feel the GUI has ‘calmed down’ quite a bit on the project page which is great to see.

May I offer something for your consideration (?):

It strikes me that some items we are allowed to change colors on have a potentially big visual impact because there are so many of them - meaning that since we have so many tracks fader caps, track type color etc. end up having a big impact due to the sheer number of them.

I would suggest that for items that appear so frequently we in general get the ability to adjust their colors, and one example would be buttons such as Read, Write, Solo, Mute. If you take a look at the two images below what you can see is how buttons in the first image seem perhaps too saturated and bold compared to the colors of the tracks, and in the second image match better:

More similar:

The bigger the difference is between these choices the more “cluttered” it all feels in my opinion, and I think I’d like the ability to adjust this to my liking. As it stands now I can either have it more consistent and bold, or generally less bold but also less consistent.

Now, of course I’ll still see a problem if I have a lot of different types of colors, like the deep red I chose in the second image versus the more desaturated colors on the project page, and I see a couple of options:

  1. allow for customizing colors “per page”
  2. have Nuendo automatically adjust saturation to match

I realize this isn’t necessarily something everybody will want to mess with, but it just strikes me as something that will come up repeatedly across many versions and one way of getting around having to guess what users want, or repeatedly change things through trial-and-error, is to just give us the option to pick for ourselves. This isn’t a priority but something I think maybe your GUI team can consider. Just open up a few more items for color customization.

One more thing: Not loving the black folders. To me they fall just above the threshold of how much black looks ok within a track header icon. The waveform icon for “audio” track is fine to me, but the folder is too deep black and/or too big.

Otherwise I think the improvements were great.

Keep up the good work.


“Track Name Font Weight” Thank you Steinberg for this!!! The bold was still a little too much but now I can put it on “regular” and it is perfect for my eyes.


There are still several places where this option should exist. I think it’s a start, and SB didn’t want to change things too much before getting favorable opinions, but if you repaint the kitchen in the house, the living room suddenly looks worse. You have to see it through.

(Note that in the images below, my monitor is already attenuated by a filter)

P.S. Since my recent switch to N13, I’ve discovered several interesting visual improvements (which is my pet peeve, apart from the folders 1) clip gain, 2) editable track order in the Mixconsole and 3) the necessary presence of directory folders in the Mixconsole).

A good example of this is the editable slider line, whose contours can be removed. The gradation of sliders is also much improved in the Mixconsole. The visibility of tracks in the standalone midi editor is a big step forward.

However, the grid of empty inserts and sends is really ugly and unnecessary. It draws the eye too much, to the detriment of positive information.

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Updating workspaces doesn’t work.

I can confirm that.

(Mac Sonoma 14.03)

Worked for me yesterday.

Do you have a repro for it and what OS are you on?

I am on PC, Win 11
go to the menu bar, then workspaces and click on “update workspace”…Nothing happens

Ok, but what do you expect to happen and what doesn’t happen?

Yesterday after I installed I was going through a few workspaces and realized I had one window open that was hidden, so I closed it and then updated the workspace. I accidentally also closed another window so I re-opened that and updated the workspace. It recalled correctly as far as I remember.

Well, if I change one of my saved workspaces and then want to update this new version, this does not work
(I can tell from the asterisk that nuendo recognizes that it is a modified version…)