Nuendo 13.0.41, very long scanning VST 3 Plugins

Hello everyone
After updating to version 13.0.41 it takes a very long time (during startup) to scanning VST 3 plugins. This takes approximately 10 minutes. Why? Does anyone else have one there too?

Hi. As far as I know, this is normal behaviour, especially after updates and when you have many plugins. There is not much you can do about it, I think.

This was an incredibly annoying “feature” which, inexplicably to me, would occur whenever I changed time zones (got to be a real PITA, as I’m on the road almost weekly).

The good news from here is, that since getting my latest laptop, which is about 10x faster than the last, the scan time has diminished to absolutely tolerable (less than a minute).

Good luck!


All fine here. I updated to 13.0.41 yesterday. Nuendo started up, did entire scan in less than 5 seconds.

Haha!!! Yep!