Nuendo 13.03.30 Draw Tool in Sample Editor

I’m trying to redraw a section of waveform on a stereo file (click removal) in the sample editor. I appear to only be able to draw left or right, but not both simultaneously. This used to be ‘shift’> draw. Perhaps I’m loosing the plot and happy to be put out of my misery! Can someone check this to see if it’s a bug, or just me? (or is there a new keystroke I’m missing?)

Did it? In which version?

I normally do this kind of thing in RX, but wanted to do a quick fix whilst in Nuendo. I’m sure I’ve done this in the past, but could be wrong. I googled and found the ‘shift draw thing’ in the Steinberg manual (below), but just noticed it’s for Wavelab! This is pretty fundamental and surprised it’s not poss unless I’m missing something?

AFAIK it’s not possible in the Cubase and Nuendo Sample editor but exists in Wavelab with the Shift modifier. You could of course still do this in Nuendo using Wavelab ARA, if you have a recent Wavelab version.

13.03.30? Did I miss an update?

13.0.30 - was just checking that you were paying attention :wink:

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Too funny!