Nuendo 13 AAF Import Bug

I just lost 1,5 hours trying to import an AAF in Nuendo 13. I tought the AAF was the problem but it turns out that importing the AAF first and then importing the video works without an issue. But if you do it the other way around Nuendo just freezes.

I never had problems with this in Nuendo 12 so something must have changed. Just leaving this here to prevent others from wasting their time.

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About to import an AAF after omf issues… good to hear that at least there is a workaround.

I’ve successfully imported either way but have had the same problem as you with just one AAF file so far, and it never occurred to me to try importing in a different order.

Could you do us a favor and choose Import AAF as an option and then select that file again, and then take a screenshot of the import window so we can see the details of the AAF? i.e. which NLE it came from, frame rates, sample rates etc.

Maybe we can see if the ones that are problematic have a common parameter.

It seems to be Avid Media Composer. I had another project last week with the same issue.

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Do you mean that for you Nuendo freezes if you do any AAF import after you have already done any video import in the same session?
Are there any specific relevant factors you have noticed thatcause the issue?
Because I have just imported an AAF file in a session that already had Video imported to it (and another AAF before it), and it went just fine. And I don’t see how Nuendo can connect the dots between any one AAF and any one Video file, so it shouldn’t really matter if they are related, right?
What’s missing?

Yes that’s right. I’m not the only one experiencing these problems. The video engine was updated since v13 so clearly something’s not working right. Even after I posted this, it was still freezing and crashing randomly, so I’m back to v12 for now.

hmmm so it must be something related to MXF files, embedded AAF and/or something MC is doing to the AAFs, cause with WAV, referenced AAFs coming from Premiere or ProTools I haven’t run into issues.

Same experience here after succesfully importing an aaf from premiere with wav files (so not embedded). No issues.

Hi all,
I think the problem is the video…not the AAF. If you convert the video and import the same aaf that you are having problems it should work okay. This problem doesn’t appear on N12 and previous versions…only in N13. I hope Steinberg fixes this issue soon.



Thanks. Then it is important to know the video codec and container and other details.

Cool thanks for the tips, I’d have to try prores to see if that solves things.

I just had this happen:

Can you explain what it is, because this looks normal to me on first glance.

I know it looks normal. I just wanted to share which specs Nuendo shows in the AAF. I’ll get to the video file later.

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I just had it happen again yesterday, it seems to be the video. Replacing the h264 with prores solves the issue for me.