Nuendo 13 - AC3 export

can you Export in AC3 ? I can’t find any info on how this would work

AC3 is outdated.

No they don’t have it built in, mostly because it costs. I don’t know what Dolby charges, but I do know they don’t ever give away any of their stuff for free.

I’m sure you’re right, this is actually not for commercial use. I’ve always wanted to export my work and listen to it in my home cinema basic set up as far as I remember the amp codes AC3 , replace it recently the last two years so maybe I’m gonna check it there’s a different format for domestic.

Just listen at the weekend progress I’d love to hear it surround

Didn’t know that, compressor has an audio format which will convert 5.1 , AC3 which I have a copy of I might try that

But I did notice was the export for video seems to be just in stereo fromCubase and Nuendo

It’s been reverse engineered so there’s plenty of free software out there that can do AC3, but the format is Dolby’s and Dolby likes money. Any commercial software they are going to want a license for. Magix Vegas is one that I know has a stereo AC3 export license, and they used to have a 5.1 option in DVD Architect.

It’s just the sort of thing I’m sure Steinberg isn’t interested in paying for since there aren’t a lot of people who would use it.