Nuendo 13 bugs- Windows 10 22H2

  1. I can no longer minimize Nuendo, in this version 13.
    Only a single window minimizes, unlike N12. So, now if I need to create folders or browse certain folders for indirectly related files, its very time consuming. Instead of minimizing on top right of project window, I have to go to Windows and “Minimize All”. Then to bring Nuendo 13 back into focus I have to first activate a single Nuendo Window, and then choose a Worskpace to restore all windows. Extremely clunky.

  2. For the very first time I am having audio drop outs while recording.
    I’m using the same settings as previous versions.

  3. Bounce a selection and the wave gets fully normalized. What??
    I tried this several times, and my template is as perfect as it should be. I even turned off all plugins just in case. Still, same result. - Select a stereo wave, trim ending and bounce audio -->> FULL VOLUME as if I had normalized to 0dB.

  4. I had 2 crashes exiting Nuendo, and I already know the same old answer “its the plugins”. I have a few Waves plugins, mostly L2, multiband compressor., and from UAD Pultec and LA2A, which have been fine for a long time.

Besides these 3 bugs:
About the GUI, I was hoping I would like it, after all the bad reviews from the Cubase users, but no. It looks busy, and tiring with all the Asterixes, letters and numbers on the tracks screaming at you. I will try some color changes, and maybe I will get used to it.


@JDSStudios Agreed. It can be clunky in certain circumstances. One workaround is to set all windows to ‘Always on Top’. Minimizing on top right of project window will then minimize all windows.

@JDSStudios You could try temporarily moving your preferences and use the factory settings. This and the other bugs/behaviours you see may be a preferences issue.