Nuendo 13 Crash on select preset with FabFilter Pro-R2

Just what it says in the title - I’m getting a hard crash when trying to select a preset (from Pro-R2), consistently. Opened Nuendo 12, no issue, just seems to be something with 13. Doesn’t happen in any other DAW, either (Live 11, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One).

Running on an M2 Ultra Mac Studio, in native mode (no Rosetta). Running latest (Nov 7) Ventura, haven’t updated to Sonoma.

Any ideas?

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Attach *.ips file, so we can resolve it, please.

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

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On Windows 11 here. I just checked. No problem switching randomly between presets.

Nuendo 13-2023-11-30-160946.ips (114.4 KB)

Just reproduced it, that was the crash report.


The crash is in the FabFilter Pro-R2:

Thread 0 Crashed::  Dispatch queue:
0   FabFilter Pro-R 2             	       0x2d86dc660 0x2d857c000 + 1443424
1   FabFilter Pro-R 2             	       0x2d86dd01c 0x2d857c000 + 1445916
2   FabFilter Pro-R 2             	       0x2d85ec20c 0x2d857c000 + 459276
3   FabFilter Pro-R 2             	       0x2d85eca54 0x2d857c000 + 461396
4   FabFilter Pro-R 2             	       0x2d86a90a8 0x2d857c000 + 1233064
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Interesting because i have no issues with it in N12 (just like the poster). So something is different in the way the version handle the plugin… or is that a too forward conclusion?

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The crash may be in Pro-R2, but it isn’t crashing in ANY other host - I just tried it (VST3) with:

Nuendo 12
Live 11
Studio One Pro
Digital Performer
Logic (AU, but still…)
Pro Tools (AAX, but still - it uses a wrapper)

It is ONLY Nuendo 13 where it is crashing. What changed in 13 that could cause the crash, when it doesn’t crash in 12?


I don’t know, what changed (I’m not the developer), but the crash is in the plug-in.

Please get in touch with FabFilter and provide them the crashlog from above. They are normally very fast in resolving such issues.
By the way I was not able to reproduce the crash. Did you choose a preset in the UI of the plug-in or do you use the Nuendo preset mechanism to load the preset?


I have contacted FF about it. I’ll send the crash log, too, didn’t do that.

Using the FF UI, I don’t usually use the Cubendo preset system.

Was able to reproduce it here, but only if Pro R-2 is used as an insert effect. It did not crash when placed on an FX channel/bus on it’s own. I was able to switch presets without issue. The crash happened right after placing it on an existing track (with clips) and attempting to select a preset.


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That’s what I was doing - using it as an insert, after a bx_SSL E channel.

Sent that to FabFilter, let’s see what they say.

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You’re equipped with DAWs! -:slight_smile:

I have a problem, yes.

Well, most of them are for specific clients - PT, DP, Logic, Reaper - and I use Live and Nuendo the most as my main DAWs. The rest are an addiction…

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You sound like me. I’m PT, Nuendo, Reaper, Studio One and Ableton.

Pro Tools and Reaper pay the bills. Ableton is for my House of Worship work, and the rest are purely addiction.


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Indeed. But I’m sticking with PT and Nuendo (and my heart’s in the balance). Samplitude, finished, despite many good years. Studio One, after several attempts, also abandoned. Reaper, too complicated. Feels like I have to build a kit house. No time. Ableton, my favorite interface, because no flafla. But I’m mostly in classical, so it’s not my world.

Been using the new Pro-R2 here on N13 (native) and I don’t have any crashing while changing presets. I’ve tried using it as both send and insert.

M1 Max | Ventura 13.6

I work in pop, rock, and singer-songwriter stuff, as both a producer (in the traditional sense) and a mixer. I use Live as a production DAW/sketchpad, generally, though Nuendo for that on occasion - which was how I discovered this crash, I was messing around with routing my new studio.

I only use Pro Tools if the contract calls for it, and the others are specific people I work with.

I do use FabFilter stuff almost religiously, largely because of it being consistent across DAWs.

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I wonder what’s different?

Have you tried doing it with something instantiated before, on a track with content? Because that is how I can consistently get it to crash - and it seems to be Pro-R2 only, not other FF stuff.

Yep, just tried it with a session I’m working on. Added it to the end of the chain and I can change presets without crashes.

I had also used it quite extensively as inserts on a song mix I did 2 weeks ago around the time N13 was launched.

The only difference could be, I’m not on the latest Ventura update. I’m on 13.6.