Nuendo 13 (empty) template file huge/slow <Mac Pro 2019>

Hi all, forgive me if this is in the wrong place, etc… I’m on a 2019 Intel Mac Pro tower 16 core/128GB RAM running OS Monterey. I just starting using Nuendo for sound design and love it! However, now I’m in the midst of creating a composing template and suddenly I was getting the “beach ball” and an annoying lag every time I SAVE. There are a lot of VSTs (the entire OPUS set) and I’m adding more (Kontakt) but nearly all of the VST tracks are DISABLED. Right before I started typing this, I noticed the .npr file size…689MB! There are no audio files in this session. It’s an empty template…no Spectral Layers either. *I have SL 10 Pro, installed but it’s not in use. Lastly, a turning point seemed to be when I started adding Reverb plug-ins. I started with Altiverb 8 (stereo) but then I switched to Roomworks so I could rule out a 3rd party reverb plug weirdness. Are the IR’s getting embedded…? Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer.

When it comes to big templates, either deal with the large file sizes and long save times or use VEPro.

Edit: you can also do track presets similar to how Studio One users handle templates these days, but this simply sidesteps the issue.
I feel that once you set up at least 1TB of sample libs in a template, or reach >500MB empty project sizes, you should be giving VEP serious consideration if you hadn’t already.

Although you’re not using one of the new Macs, you have the RAM to run VEPro locally, and this video might shed some light on the whole topic for you:

Thank you for the reply…watched the video. Wow, that was an eye opener. There’s nothing wrong with Nuendo, that’s just how it goes with big templates like this. Ugh. Looking into VEPro. Thanks, again.

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