Nuendo 13 hangs when clicking on either vst instruments or vst effects in the media browser

Nuendo 13 loads fine but after loading clicking on either vst instruments or vst effects in the media browser result in beach ball and Neundo hangs. Any suggestions to fix this?

I remember this being one of the reasons why I switched to the Soundminer and Pro Tools combination. I recently reinstalled Nuendo 11 and immediately after scanning my 2TB sound effects ssd the media bay refused to work and started showing the wheel of death. (I had actually forgotten about the problem) To me it seems like the underlying foundation of media bay system is not handling large databases well. It will be interesting to see if Steinberg will one day address the problem. It has the potential to be very expensive to fix (maybe including ongoing 3rd party costs) while being hard to advertise. To be fair the soundminer and pro tools comination is hugely more expensive than Nuendo’s ‘all in the box’ approach.

‘Luckyly’ people on the Cubase forum are having the same issues with huge sample libraries and synth presets, I don’t see how Steinberg can continue to close their eyes, keep your fingers crossed.

Until then, if you want to prevent all search aereas in Nuendo being a potential cause for a wheel of death you will need to handle your asset management in a different software and keep the media bay’s task as minimal as possible. More expensive, a bit annoying but a workable solution.

I fixed the problem by deleting all the thumbnails. Now very responsive.