Nuendo 13 - how long after Cubase?

I’m assuming Cubase 13 will be soon after the Steinberg online shop is reinstated - and you can’t say exactly when Nuendo 13 would be after that - but is the aim to bring the release dates of the two product versions much closer together?
Many thanks.

Apparently Cubase 13 would have been released at the end of September 2023. The new features are already circulating online.
Last time there were 5 months between Cubase and Nuendo. That would probably be the end of February 2024. Even if Cubase is now on hold, Neuendo is being worked on.
The last time Nuendo was ceremoniously presented with a live stream. And I can well imagine that in the new year.
I would love to have it in time for Christmas so that we have something to play with. Just let yourself be surprised.

I highly doubt that. I think it was 1 1/2 to 2 months. Just enough for a first round of bug fixes.

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Cubase 12 - March 2, 2022
Nuendo 12 - April 27, 2022


I’m guessing that Nuendo 13 will be 1-2 months away after Cubase 13 comes out like what happened with Cubase 12/Nuendo 12. It may even be sooner since the delay this time is about the shop and not Cubase 13 if I understand correctly.

You’re absolutely right. My mistake.
Then we could put Nuendo 13 under the Christmas tree.

I don’t know why they release Cubase first.
The logical thing would be Nuendo, so everyone would invest more money and then for those who cannot buy Nuendo , get the cubase later.

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I am pretty sure there are far more Cubase users than Nuendo users for Steinberg. They have always been first, as far as I can remember.

Yes. The pool of independent musicians is much larger (by a lot) than Nuendo’s market share in post-production. That said, both at the same time would be nice. But I also think that waiting for feedback from Cubase is a way of protecting the necessary stability of systems in professional studios using Nuendo.

That’s because the two DAWs are separate at birth… Because we could have just Nuendo: Nuendo pro, Nuendo Studio (Ex-Cubase), Nuendo light, etc.

It’s not really more logical. If Steinberg released Nuendo first it would mean all features would have been developed and Cubase users are kind of waiting for their software for no reason, because it takes more time to program all features than to program first those that both share and then the ones exclusive to Nuendo.

It’s probably not as clear-cut as that, but it’s approximately true I think.

And as far as money goes I agree - probably quite a few more Cubase users.


Seems it won’t be as long this time


Link ?

I suggest as per every other update since the year dot:
a couple of months.

Nice !!
I just went to their FB page that’s a good news !
So Nuendo 13 is not far away after this event :sunglasses:

Two reasons:

  1. Nuendo has more features, so that could take more time to develop and iron out. These days Nuendo is a superset of Cubase, meaning it does everything Cubase does, so to have a working Nuendo you would also ahve a working Cubase, thus no reason to release Nuendo first.

  2. Time for more testing and stability fixes. No matter how much work you do, there will be issues, and the most critical are likely to get found out in the first little bit of release. Since Nuendo is more likely to be used in situations where stability is paramount, Cubase kidna acts as an additional beta for Nuendo.


Maybe, but it depend completely to how the Steinberg team is organized.
We don’t know if it’s 2 different team for Cubase and Nuendo and how much people are on each team if there is 2 teams…

And if there is 2 teams it means maybe they have a way of coding differently or by “copying” existing coding, but iam going too far i don’t really know what iam talking about :grin:

It was just my 2 cents :wink:

I upgraded to Nuendo when there was an upgrade offer. I think that Nuendo is the mature version. On my system, it works 100% of the time. The only problem I have had is that it doesn’t want to stop!!! (Hang on exit). It’s a minor problem that doesn’t effect the work flow. It seems like Cubase is realeased and then Nuendo comes after a few revisions. They just want to make sure they release stable version to Nuendo users.

Nuendo is like the older brother to Cubase…showing a little more wisdom and stability, ha ha.

I used to write software programs. If it’s like it was back then, then every module has a Nuendo #CPro #CArtist #CElements … and the compiler knows which parts it has to include in the executable program.
If it only says Nuendo #CPro, then Artist and Elements are left out.
But since my programming knowledge is not up to date, this is of course just a nice guess. But it will be something like that.
And then of course there are pure Nuendo functions, which Cubase may only get in the next version.

I suspect they are concentrating on the larger Cubase market before optimizing the source code for Nuendo. But as I said, I suspect only.
But it has to be that way, as every small bug fix appears in Nuendo and Cubase variants at the same time.

I’m going to light some candles tonight and pray to the universe that you’re right about that. :innocent:
But from a Cubase user’s point of view, it would actually be cheeky if it were true. Both groups of buyers deserve to get a stable and reliable DAW for their money. If necessary, the release date must be postponed if a new feature threatens the software’s stability. Alternatively, a new feature can be added in one of the later updates.

I have already read on a number of occasions that users are confirming that Cubase 13 is more stable than its predecessor. This gives me hope and encouragement. :slightly_smiling_face: