Nuendo 13 - I must confess

I have been a fierce critic of the new GUI here, but after a few days of work, I must confess, I don’t even see it anymore. It doesn’t make my work slower or more difficult. I might even like it, with some tweaks and some polishing, a little more elegance.

I just thought it would be fair to say this after so much complaining from me.
I still would like the discussed changes, but I’m at peace now.

And apart from some minor bugs that will be corrected in the next maintenance update, and DOP, that has a mind of its own, it is BETTER than 12. Work is faster, the new features are cool, Tonal match is amazing to have, ARA feels more solid too.
It feels good to use it.


(please still make the changes and fix things anyway, Steinby!)


There is nothing wrong with complaining about something you so obviously have regard for.

In this respect I do as well but remember the motto “Creativity First”, which I suppose has at least 3 dimensions, i.e., composition, audio and production.

I am more of the first, variety since I am in love with VST, and what 3rd party developers in particular are doing these days.

Steinberg make their own DAW’s, brilliant ones at that and enable other companies and developers to craft their own, with yet another wonderful invention, e.g., ASIO but if you want the real deal, with all the potential afforded by those brilliant minds working at SBHQ, then you must use a Steinberg DAW, of course available on Mac & PC.

Saying that, things change and evolve, and so must the User Interface so with the development pitch that’s going on today in Germany, then expect new versions, features and upgrades at pace.

In other words, the GUI, along with dialogs, features and facilities, that make Steinberg software so great, will always be made to be consistent and concise at some point, and the time it takes these days is but a flash on what it once was, even though the products are and have always been made for professionals.

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I’ve only had Nuendo 13 for a day now. But I opened it up and frankly wondered what all the fuss was about. My gut says this is because I’ve used custom colors for tracks for many years now and all that carried over with ease from Nuendo 12, with zero work on my part. My only issue was a hang on loading with one of the Spectral Layers VST3 files. I just renamed it and all was well. I haven’t really tried to use Spectral Layers with N13 yet so maybe it will cause an issue but maybe it won’t either.
I think the default color palette might be the real issue here and not provide enough contrast. But that’s just my guess since I don’t use that.