Nuendo 13 - laggy event dragging while METERS have activity

Hello, I have had this problem since I first got Nuendo 13 (it was not present in 12). This is affecting BOTH of my Windows machines (but not my Mac). I was hoping the newest update would fix it, but it doesn’t. My two Windows PC’s have different versions of windows (10 and 11), different brand video cards (AMD and Nvidia), different processors, etc etc.
I have completely reinstalled Windows on one of them, and tried Nuendo before installing ANY other software.

The problem: After playing audio and pressing stop, while the audio meters still have activity on them (audio meter falling back down to negative infinity), dragging events is very choppy and laggy. “Video Follows Edit Mode” being on seems to be a prerequisite, as when I turn it off, it seems to be fine, or at least barely noticeable. If I take the meters off of the screen (get rid of the side panels), the lag is gone - this is how I know it’s related to the meters. The “Audio Performance” Meter also causes it! It’s like any movement on screen causes lag… But only when “Video Follows Edit Mode” is ON.

Video Example:

Can anyone confirm if they are experiencing this on Windows? Considering it’s happening on both of my machines which are completely different from one another, and one being completely re-formatted, I feel like this has got to be a problem in the software, and not an issue with my systems.

Again, this is not present in Nuendo 12 - I just retested it today. I’m at a loss, and it makes sound design for Video extremely difficult to work with, because I can’t accurately drag SFX without lag.


PS - Also tagging you @Armand as we had talked about this a via DM a few months ago when the Beta for the graphics fix was being released and tested. I mentioned I would create a new topic for it.

I just had an issue with N13 that was not present on N12. I used DriverEasy to upgrade all drivers, which seems to have helped. I’m assuming that N13 utilizes the video drivers differently. Don’t know if this helps. But could be related.

I don’t experience this in Windows 10. Moving events is smooth all the time.

So weird…it’s got to be something on my systems then…

All my drivers are up to date. They’re both very powerful systems so it’s not a processing power thing. I’ve started N13 with vst’s disabled, with no change. Started Windows with clean boot so no 3rd party processes were going… same thing. Reinstalled N13 and left it as default profile / settings - still the issue persists.

Just so weird its happening on both of my PCs, with completely different hardware. And it’s only N13! N12 is fine.

@stingray , and you are using “video follows edit mode”, yeah?

Yes, tested using “video follows edit mode”.

It is weird indeed. I can’t seem to make the song position cursor lag behind the dragged event position as I see in your video. You seem to be seeing some kind of slight strain upon the graphical performance. I was testing with a standard 1920 x 1080 computer monitor. As you probably know, there were a wide range of graphical changes made in 13 so something new in 13 would seem to be causing the new behaviour you see. TBH I have no idea what that something is.

For troubleshooting this further I can only suggest the following:

Do you use any special settings in Studio Setup > Audio system ? What audio interface are the computers connected to? Do you see the same results if you switch to the ‘Steinberg Built-in ASIO Driver’? What is the resolution of the computer(s) monitor you are using?

Thanks for the reply and help. Yeah my thoughts as well - it’s got to be something related to the graphics changes. Just so odd that its affecting my AMD system as well as my Nvidia one (which is a 4070 ti), but not yours (or seemingly anyone else’s!)

-No special settings in Audio System - all default
-One PC is on a Presonus interface, one is on a Focusrite. I’ve also tried an Apollo, same results.
-Same problem when using the default ASIO interface.
-4k resolution on both, but I’ve tried lowering them to 1920x1080 with no success.

At a loss, really

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Do you have events with extensions on them? I never noticed this correlation you mentioned, but if I have extensions on many events, all editing tasks get VERY choppy.

Maybe your system handles them better, but the extra graphical activity is the tipping point to laggyness?

Nope! This even happens with completely blank events with no processing whatsoever, and blank midi events in a completely empty project!

Because of that, I don’t think its like a data-reading problem - it seems graphical since it happens on empty events.