Nuendo 13 Project Browser

Hi Everybody,
This one is a little embarrassing. For a thousand years I’ve been opening the Project Browser with a shortcut (CTRL-B), not sure if I set that up or was a default. Anyway, in N13 this doesn’t work, can’t find the Project Browser anywhere. I use it to fine tune the automation values, click on a automation dot, ctrl-B opens browser, insert the value I need. Can anybody help? Already looked in the key commands. It is probably right in front of me somewhere, maybe with a different name? Thanks


The Project Browser had been removed from Cubase/Nuendo 13.

If you want to set an exact value, you can do so in the Info Line.

Thank you very much, that’ll do.
I’ll abuse your kindness now. I have another issue, maybe I should open a new topic but I feel it’s a very minor thing. I have always had my horizontal zoom in/out of the project set that it centres on the cursor. Now it does that only if there isn’t a clip highlighted, otherwise it centres on the beginning of the clip. Hope I explained this correctly. No idea how to change this. Please let me know if I should open another topic. Thanks so much.


Disable the Use Selection Start as Zoom Anchor option in the Preferences > Editing, Zoom, please.

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Regarding the Project Browser, there is a post here:

Cubase and Nuendo dropping Project Browser - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

I currently use it in N12 to edit automation AND tempo nodes, in addition to Key Signature changes whereby the MIDI channel field is unavailable for editing, e.g., via the List Editor.

What I believe users need, now that the Project Browser has disappeared, is to have Automation Nodes available, in a similar way to how Tempo Nodes are currently shown in the Inspector, albeit with full editing capability, i.e., in the case of Tempo, to be able to change Step vs Ramp, which is again unavailable, in addition to being able to reset Bezier nodes for Automation; notwithstanding a complete dataset being made visible. for both data types but without horizontal scrolling being necessary.

Thanks so much Martin for all your help. Much appreciated.