Nuendo 13

Fair enough. I didn’t go much further than read that you’d selected something you hadn’t in the past and it looked like a simple mistake. Maybe there’s more to it.


You can create a layout of your choice using Dolby’s external Atmos renderer. I could imagine, but this is just a guess, that Dolby would like to reserve this option for their own renderer. Otherwise no one would buy it.

However, with a few tricks you can adapt Nuendo to your needs. The only problem is that the internal renderer will show you something different. (Although that’s not really a problem, as you can hardly see anything on the renderer’s small displays. :wink:) This has no effect on the creative part of your work, as the renderer will always produce a “9.1.6 signal”. No matter what channel layout you use for monitoring.

Definitely not a user error. Just the fact that the display in Nuendo 13 is different from that in Nuendo 12. (By the way, in other places in N13, labels are shortened if there is not enough space. It is only in the ADM tool that a simple dot is displayed instead.)

But it’s not a bug that drives me crazy. I just noticed it. :wink:

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I see, thank you for that clarification. However, I’m on a PC, and even though I’ve acquired Dolby’s external Atmos renderer via the Pro Tools reduction, it requires a bridge between computers and the whole shebang, which puts me off. In any case, I note that Dolby’s external Atmos renderer can do the job. I’m due to go back to MAC in early 2024, so the solution will be the right one. And visually, indeed, I prefer it.

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