Nuendo 3.2.0 Locators

under “transport” on the menu bar, the commands for “locators to selection”, “play from and play until” are “grayed out” and cannot be used. I have selected, highlighted, a track event but still they are not available for use. these commands are working fine on another computer running Cubase LE5 but not on my big rig running Nuendo 3.2.0; Windows XP service pack 2. any ideas?

Works fine here - what happens if you hit P on the keyboard?

Never seen that either …
Using “selection to locators” § has become a second nature, it has been there since Nuendo1 and I never had it fail.


the pull down commands under transport: Post Roll from Selection Start/End; Pre Roll from Start/End; Play from Start/End; Play Until Start/End; Play Selection Range; and Loop Selection : are all greyed out and do not function with the mouse, BUT the key board commands DO work. not all of these have keyboard commands though, and it generally ticks me off.